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Warm Welcome Of 2020 With ToXSL Technologies auf Facebook
2020-01-07 16:00:25
2020-01-07 16:00:25

Warm Welcome Of 2020 With ToXSL Technologies

By | Life at ToXSL |

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Warm Welcome Of 2020 With ToXSL Technologies

You earn your living through your work! And every new year brings new goals, hopes, and inspiration to live in more better way for all of us. The end of the year is a good time to welcome and embrace the new beginnings.

Here we are presenting ToXSL's great New Year 2020 celebration, where the family has welcomed the new beginnings, ideas, and goals to achieve more in 2020. ToXSLians understands and knows a perfect time to make a fresh start of the new year and ensuring the company's missions for upcoming times, thus celebrated this great eve. That was the perfect and great time for ToXSL's family. The party has become a key to get ToXSL family excited about the year ahead.

Let's continue and take a look at what fun the people of ToXSL Technologies have created at the party...

The party has begun with delicious snacks and cheese plates with some cool cocktails and drinks on January 4, 2020 at Hotel Arista. Carrying the stunning attires, people were 'dressed like they are already famous'. The ambiance was full of energy, enthusiasm and exciting spirts. And this has made the start of some amazing game tournaments, performances, modeling & catwalk show, fun-activities, blessings & wishes, and some resolutions.

The funny moments, dance and singing performances have become the point of attraction for attending the whole party. The twilight has been addressed with the employees showcasing their hidden talents and celebrating their moments through some outstanding dance and singing performances. Those energetic performances, huge rounds of applauses and DJ beats have made everybody lost in the celebration vibes. Nobody was seen with any kind of stress and worry, each one was with his/her style of celebrating and enjoying.

The event has been immortalized with many more fun-activities like tongue-twisters, riddles, funny Q/A, laughter and all the joyous moments. The ambiance was a blend of introverts and extroverts, and the event has witnessed the introverts turning into the most expressive ones due to such a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere.

We all know, that the new year has a great and meaningful ritual of making resolutions. ToXSL understands and believes in the concept of 'ending is good, as the new beginning is waiting'. And that's how we have invited all the party members to come one by one and make a new year's resolution. This has made them realize that what they have not done in the last year, and will do in the new year.

The great new year twilight has also witnessed the moments of blessings in which some of the party members have honor the stage with new year wishes. They have also said some good lines by encouraging their teams to achieve more targets in the coming year.

The evening was great and a remarkable one and being added as another page of ToXSL memory book full of happy flashes, proud moments, cheering success, and making visions to achieve milestones ahead. This great new year 2020 eve was only possible and happened because of the efforts put in by the ToXSL family members who have started preparing days ago. All the ideas of framing the complete party step-by-step, the theme, the food, and everything has brought up by these members. And seriously, their efforts and hard-work were completely seen by all when they have attended the party.

Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta, the founder of ToXSL Technologies wished all the ToXSL members a very happy new year. Also, he appreciated the teams to achieve the targets by delivering the client projects on time, creating innovative concepts, and serving the clients with top-notch services. And, at last, he said a few blessings lines for all to go ahead on the path of success.

And in the end, by making free both the hands in the air and shaking legs on the dance floor with energetic DJ beats, the party has been taken to the dinner time. The sizzling dining time with a great new year dinner has made everyone delighted and brought closure to this great new year 2020 celebration party.

ToXSLians never leaves a chance of honoring, celebrating, and creating success stories. That's how this new year party has been celebrated with huge fun, joy, and enthusiasm through such fun-activities, games, performances, and resolutions. Those smiling faces, happy vibes, cheering of glasses have created a great memory forever and have captured in the form of golden frames of ToXSL Technologies.

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