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Coming Together And Celebrating Jingles Of Christmas!! auf Facebook
2019-12-24 16:45:11
2019-12-24 16:45:11

Coming Together And Celebrating Jingles Of Christmas!!

By | Life at ToXSL |

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Coming Together And Celebrating Jingles Of Christmas!!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.....Jingle all the way! Let's call it the "ToXSL's Christmas Celebration Time"....

Celebrating Christmas Eve by delighting each other with surprise gifts. ToXSL Technologies understand the true Christmas gift that is enhancing more unity and attaining the target goals. Thus, we are celebrating the togetherness and happiness to the fullest on this auspicious day of Lord Jesus with their blessings.

Christmas is one of the most wonderful time of the year, and our dear Santa knows our wishes and desires that we foresee to attain! The workplace is all set with an alluring Christmas tree decorated with lights, bells and surrounded with gifts of love, prosperity, and joy.

Delighting each other, we are making our Christmas vibes remarkable forever by being a secret Santa of one another. To make this Christmas Eve a great one and more joyous, ToXSL is celebrating the festive vibes by carrying the vibrant red attires. This also shows the togetherness within our team and an enthusiastic team spirit for the celebration.

Our team has celebrated this great eve by giving, bonding, and having a nicely arranged fun fiesta. All too often, we see our colleagues as just our employees and coworkers! And this celebration time has been a great opportunity for us to get to know a little better about those existing employees or coworkers plus the newcomers in our workplace.

The interesting and delightful part of the eve was becoming the secret Santa of each other and surprising them with gifts and presents. There was an eagerness in the air about the multiple gifts and surprises. All the folks at the office brought the gift for someone which was a top-secret of 'whose gift to whom'. This was something really exciting to amaze someone who is often not on your list. Yeah, and that's a mystery, or we call it as the excitement.

We have also invited our dear Santa Claus who went around distributing the surprises, happiness in the form of chocolates and candies to everyone. The teams separately have captured those moments with Santa, the smiling faces and cheers of Christmas have made the perfect frames, that you can see at our websites and social pages.

ToXSL technologies have turned this eve in an ideal opportunity for employers to thank employees for their equal contribution to the growth and success of the company over the last years. And also, the employees have thanked the employers in making them enough experienced and professional experts.

This great Christmas eve and anonymity of the Secret Santa game has given room to plenty more than just official gift exchange. These exchanging of gifts, greeting one another with well-wishes and making joy with one another has added another chapter of togetherness and great cultural floor in the continuing book of ToXSL's success journey. The happy spirits posing in front of the camera, cheering up in reds and seizing the forever memories has added extra sparkle of the festival. ToXSL's Christmas wish tree is blessed with Lord Jesus Christ's blessings of success, prosperity and more sincerity towards its projects and future client's dealership.

By wishing, cheering the warm greetings, and making resolutions, we are ready to take the company to the next level of growth and success.

And here, ToXSL has ended with the celebrations by wishing all its members and their families a great Christmas filled with love, joy, happiness, health, and success!

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