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ToXSL Moves to New Office to Accommodate Continued Growth

ToXSL Moves to New Office to Accommodate Continued Growth

It has been very exciting since few weeks for ToXSL, as we recently celebrated the most awaited moment- Office Inauguration Ceremony. To accommodate continued business growth and offer better work opportunities to the workforce, the company expanded its office area recently and arranged a get together to celebrate this great day. We feel delighted that the company has attained zenith heights in such a short period of time and we hope that the growth will continue similarly in the coming years.

Although the previous office area catered well with the organizational goals, but we believe in continuous growth, so we planned to expand our office space. We look forward to start with fresh beginnings, adding new chapters to the journey of ToXSL. The office space will give access to a spacious area with improved and better facilities, comfortable sitting areas for 350+ employees, commodious cabins, wider conference halls, cafeterias, training halls, etc. The expansion of the office area will assist the management as well as the employees to enhance their skills and grow up in a healthy environment.

All the preparations and other arrangements began a couple of days before the inauguration ceremony, with the support and unconditional efforts of our IT and HR team members.

On 27th May 2019 morning, ToXSLians started arriving at around 9 am, energized and enthusiastic to celebrate this grand day. Festive mood, the zeal of excitement in the air, we all gathered in the fully decorated and lightened office premises-colorful balloons, sparkling ribbons, the wave of happiness and excitement all around! The decor theme was set in 'Blue' and 'White' color which signifies coolness and purity.

At 9.30, Shiv Charan Panjeta(CEO) and Monika Panjeta(Co-founder) did the inauguration by cutting the ribbon.

Now, it was the time to thank the almighty God for bringing this successful day to us. We all took a moment as the ritual puja was performed and Prasad was distributed as the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

To keep us motivated and to move ahead with our professional goals, our CEO shared his valuable words with us and added colors to this auspicious day.

Cheers to new beginnings, better opportunities, and learning environment! I feel so proud that we have attained major milestones with the successful completion of 7 years and now we have expanded our workforce to a wider office space. I hope this move will significantly help us to foster business growth in the coming time, says Shiv Charan Panjeta, CEO of ToXSL Technologies.

As always, ToXSLians never miss an opportunity to celebrate, we came dressed up in colorful attires, fun mode 'ON' and gathered for the group photographs. Making poses and capturing lifelong memories in the frame.

And of course, we all believe 'Food is the ingredient that binds us together'. Yes! Now it was the time to make our tummies happy. Tables loaded with snacks, sweets, drinks and what not. We all had a great time while enjoying the snacks with the ToXSL team. Adding hues to this great day, we all matched our feet on the music beats and made the day more enjoyable and noteworthy!

The success we have attained today clearly reflects the hard work put in by the ToXSL family. Thanks to everyone's support and we appreciate the efforts they have put in towards the company's growth!

Welcome to new growth opportunities, better work environment and more brighter minds which will be added in the journey of ToXSL!!

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