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Top UX Design Trends To Watch Out in 2019 auf Facebook
2019-02-25 12:51:30
2019-02-25 12:51:30

Top UX Design Trends To Watch Out in 2019

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Top UX Design Trends To Watch Out in 2019

UX design industry is continually evolving. In a range of recent two years, we've seen various advancements, for example, voice UI, mixed realities and smart home gadgets. However the rise of new advances, even the customer demands have widened and they expect a better experience every day. 2018 was a year full of exciting features accompanied by the UX designs, there are sure patterns that are probably going to rule the scene in this year. As we move into 2019, the client-focused plan will be the best need for organizations.

Latest trends in UX design

Technology is ever evolving which surprises us every moment with a new invention. Alongside, it becomes necessary for UX designers to stay updated and aware of the trends practiced in the UX industry. No doubt, voice-based technology, and Internet Of Things will continue to dominate the industry, but there are many new trends which are expected in this year. So, here is a dropdown which describes all the trends which will surprise us in the coming time.

Voice-activated UI

Voice UI provides an easier and faster way to control devices by allowing people to use voice input. As this method will save a huge time of the users, people are switching to this trend very quickly. In fact, as per recent predictions, by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches. The time is not too far when people will begin making all their searchers using voice-activated UI.

More privacy factors

With the recent implementation of GDPR laws in Europe, industry makes are taking user data security more seriously. However, the laws are not applicable in the Indian subcontinent till yet, but still, we can safeguard the customer data and stay on the safer side. We can easily become GDPR compliant without many efforts or making any such changes in our existing architecture.

Simpler authentication

Users generally face password related problems while they are setting a new password. Users wish to set a password which is easy to remember but hard to crack. Isn't it? And the real problem arises when the user forgets the password, requests a new password, receives a link in his inbox, and then resets a new password. To overcome this problem, we will promptly experience new password methods with less-login steps like biometric authentication, magic link, or even temporary passwords.

Inclusive designs

As the technology widens, it will make it easy for users with certain disabilities like haptic conditions, color blindness or any other similar conditions to reap benefits of various products and services easily. New and smarter designs will offer a more unique and user-friendly experience to use products in various environments.

Multi-device experience

The rising number of smart devices usage is simply unbelievable and this has transformed the way people access data. The older approach of 'mobile-friendly' concept will now be replaced by the 'multi-device' experience where smoother user experience over new devices will become the prime priority.


Last year surprised us with smartwatches, health tracking devices, automatic payment making devices, and a lot more, but 2019 has its own list of new features. Wearables will not be limited to this, rather this year we will experience wearables in the health industry as well to manage multiple tasks.

From flat design to material design

The main focus of flat design revolved around usability and open, clean, crisp edges, and bright colors through 2D illustrations. But the material design has plans beyond this. It will include better grid-based layouts, transitions, padding, and responsive animations. Moreover, it will bring designs into 3D technology.

All these trends are just not buzzwords which we have heard for the very first time, but this year we are going to see them in our real lives and into implementation. So, its time to get prepared for experiencing these trends in real time. Want to know more or have any questions for us? Get in touch with us and get assistance from our experts.

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