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Capsule is an app that allows users to create and share video, text, voice or photo messages.

Technology: iOS

Platform: Swift 4.0

Line Bustr

"An Online Table Booking Management Tool"

The application is specially designed for the restaurant owners to improve their customer's walk-in experience. With the allowance of the online table booking system, Line Bustr improves the guest experience. 

Platform - Apple App Store

iPhone App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/line-bustr/id1459636955

Line Bustr

Kaycha Group

"World's Largest & Most Trusted Cannabis Testing Labs Group"

This third-party and most trusted group of cannabis testing labs is the best platform to get the best test results of cannabis and hemp. 

  • Trendsetting Cannabis Testing Equipment
  • Effective Cannabis Testing Services 
  • Gold Standard in Quality Control, Accuracy, and Reliability. 


Kaycha Group


"A Dispatching App For Goods Transportation"

It is a robust platform that enables the driver to run multiple tasks, asked by User in Delivery & Dispatch goods & many more. 
Motorcycle - Dispatch items below 10 kg
Car - Dispatch items below 20 kg
Van - Dispatch large item

Platform - Play Store
App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ddrunner.driver.app&hl=en


"A Mosquito Report Mobile App"

It's a robust mobile application designed for users to access the requests for services and inspection to track the West Nile Virus, also they can submit the dead birds for testing the same. 

  • Effective Results
  • Accessible Enough


This is a platform where the teacher and parent can interact with each other regarding their students.

Platform: Android, iOS

Technology Used: Java, Swift

AN Malls

AN Malls

"Biggest Online Shopping Mall Platform"

AN Malls allows users to order their goods or items online from their desired shopping malls. Also, users can directly pay via cashless mode. 

Platform - Website 



"An Application To Book The Car Rides"

For all the car riders, this application is a blessing! Here, the application aggregates the users for online car rental and carpooling purposes. Also, users can book anytime from anywhere their desired car, book number of seats, etc.  

  • Users can book their desire car
  • Effective application 
  • Users can view fare and select car accordingly

Platform - iOS and Android


Kaycha Labs

"World's Trusted Third-party Cannabis & Hemp Testing Labs"

Kaycha Labs, the leading and trusted hemp plus cannabis testing labs with trendsetting testing methods of quality control, assurance, and accuracy."

  • Over 500 Producers & Methods
  • Complete Automated Testing Process
  • DEA registered and an approved USDA Hemp Laboratory

Platform -  Website

Kaycha Labs
Kaya Health

Kaya Health

"An Application To Get Online Medical Treatment"

This is a robust mobile application that allows people to interact with doctors via chats, audio calls, video conferencing plus they can also book their appointment. It's a well-managed and safe to use application.

  • Users will pay the service used
  • Safe and well-managed application
  • Authenticated by Admin's end

Platform - iOS and Android


"An Online Food Ordering App To Serve All!"

Get your meal anytime and anywhere. YumCrust is an online food ordering app that allows users to browse and order their favorite and delicious meals from nearby restaurants.

Platform - Android & iOS
App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=yumcrust.app&hl=en



The Objective of this project is to design and develop a website where customers can add their insurance plans, claim their policies and take assistance from the Experts.

Platform: Website

Technology Used: PHP, Bootstrap 

Bidds Passenger

Bidds Passenger

Bidds is a taxi application built in Android and IOS. In this app passenger has option of Ride Now and Ride Later. In this app drivers bidds for the ride and the passenger has the option to accept the bidd from the driver.

Technology Used: PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, Yii Framework

Kuste Passenger

Kuste is a taxi application. This application saves our time to go on road and wait for taxis for travel. Kuste is very useful and worth application to save our cost and time. It avoids us from suffering and get book taxi from home with minimum fare and time. In Kuste taxi application there are two application one is driver and another is passenger.

Key Features

  • Passenger can request for taxi
  • Driver can accept/reject passenger‘s requests
  • Route draw
  • Fare estimation
  • Location track (Driver/Passenger)

Technologies Used: Android

Kuste Passenger
Hair Reinvent

Hair Reinvent

Gals! Ever wonder how you will look like in SHORT HAIR? Guys! Can‘t tell if you will look good in LONG HAIR? Can you sport that CURLY hair or the ‘CLEOPATRA‘ look? Time to have some fun with your own HAIR MAKEOVER!! Reinvent your own Hairstyle! Crop your own face into the app and try out different hairstyles (for both guys and gals) before going for the actual haircut! What‘s more, you can put on different CLOTHES and suits and SPECTACLES to see if that style suits you! Crop your geeky friend‘s face and show them how happy they can become by following your stylish tips!

Key Features:

  • Face (attach pictures)
  • Hair styles 
  • Save
  • Home 

Technologies Used: Android





Time We Unite

It is an Enterprise Application for employees of a company so that they keep themselves updated & others by updating assessment, contact form & adding new employee.

Technology Used:


Technology Used: PHP, Android, IOS,

Time We Unite

Inventory Application

This App provides stock-taking and inventory management in most simplistic way. it will help you easily track your inventory. It also helps in managing purchase orders and sales orders. You can send those to suppliers or customers. Do your income and expense management along with inventory management. So, it is a complete app to run your business from mobile or your home inventory. 

Key Features: 

  • Record your inventory data in a minimalistic manner
  • Maintain stock IN / OUT movements and get extensive reporting on that
  • Manage Supplier/Customer
  • Purchase Order
  • Expense Manage
  • Stock Taking
  • Extensive Reports
  • Complete inventory management
  • Barcode Integrated
  • Create purchase orders; and email or SMS them to suppliers instantly
  • Store the location and image of the inventory items

Technology Used: Android, iPhone




Inventory Application
ITraffic Report

ITraffic Report

Dedicated to the daily driver, Beat the Traffic takes the guess work out of your daily commute by providing real-time traffic specific to your route. Check Beat the Traffic before you leave and know which route to take, traffic flow, estimated travel times and if there are any incidents. Named amongst the top 5 traffic apps to change your commute, Beat the Traffic is available for US and Canada. The sleek crowd-sourced traffic app makes your drive easier. You focus on driving, and we’ll watch the road ahead! Set-up a route and opt in for real-time traffic push notifications or email alerts sent directly to your device, giving you the flexibility you need to change your commute plans ahead of time! 

Key features:

  • Full map view with real-time traffic flow, cameras and incidents
  • Create a trip, for an at-a-glance personalized traffic report on one screen
  • Opt in for real-time traffic push notifications or email alerts
  • Share incidents with other commuters. 

Technology Used: Android

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