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6th Anniversary Function: A Recap of the Joyous Celebration

6th Anniversary Function: A Recap of the Joyous Celebration

Who can forget that wonderful party; the post-party hangover is still there. Yet another great year and yet another successful journey of ToXSL Technologies as we turn 6! And, what a better way to celebrate this milestone with fellow ToXSLians. Power-packed dance performances, rib-tickling drama, soulful songs, etc. Weeks and weeks of effort and hard work by the ToXSL family despite their strict work deadlines paid off with a huge round of applause and appreciation from everyone.

This surely was an evening to remember. Despite the limited time available for preparations, our team did exceedingly well while entertaining the audience. The event provided an opportunity for our people to showcase their talents with whatever limited preparation they could do in such a small time duration. No wonder ToXSLians know how to deliver excellence under pressure. 

So without taking more time, let me take you through the event.

Founders Shiv and Monika Panjeta warmly welcomed everyone at the event location.

The event kicked off with a recap of the milestones achieved in the past year and showcased several extracurricular activities across functions. This also showed the contribution that each employee made to the organizational goals, and how ToXSL Technologies looked into the all-round development of its employees.

Anchors, Aditi Mishra and Tarun Kumar wooed everyone with their one-liners which the audience seemed to enjoy a lot.

The signature dance step of Bollywood songs by Naresh Saini and Ankita Thapa got everyone hooked to their dance moves. To add more fun to the event, Aditi and Tarun then invited Bhupendra-Parvinder, Chitresh-Pushpinder, Hardeep-Ankita, Naresh-Riya, and Pankaj-Gunjan in couples for the paper dance.

With the moving steps of couples, the level of excitement increased, and finally, Pankaj-Gunjan proved their perfect coordination and won.

The solo dance performance by Priti Sharma left everyone enthralled.

This was followed by a song sung by Aditi Mishra.

Next, we had a ramp walk, through which participants stunned everyone with their unique attire. Thanks to all the participants for putting their best foot forward.

Last, but not the least was the time when our CEO and Director Shiv Panjeta and Monika Panjeta appreciated the employees' hard work and dedication towards the company and presented awards for the below categories.

  • Award of Excellence- Bhupendra Mall(PHP) and Shruti Sharma(PHP)
  • Key Contribution- Hardeep Kumar(BD) and Jyoti(HR)
  • Rising Stars- Devendra Kumar(JAVA) and Shubham Kamboj(PHP)
  • Innovation Award- Rajat Panjeta(Graphic Designer) and Vaishali Jalla(Content Writer) 
  • Leadership Award- Babita Rani(HR)
  • Best Team Award- Aditi Mishra, Anuj Kunar, Desh Raj Thakur, Gourav Middha, Manjeet Kaur, Ramandeep Kaur, Rajat Panjeta, Shubham Kamboj, Vishal Sinha, and Vishal Sood (Products Team)

They congratulated the ones who have been recognized for their continuous hard work and dedication towards the company and also encouraged each of one of us to continue with the hard work and attain the best outcomes. The event turned successful all because of the relentless effort and support of everyone, from the participants to the HR team, who voluntarily managed all the arrangements.

The event ended leaving everyone in high spirits and truly left us to ponder on what the upcoming year would be like.

Check out more photographs of the event over here!