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Artificial Intelligence Drives the IoT Concept

Artificial Intelligence Drives the IoT Concept

Industry influencers have addressed Internet of Things (IoT) as the driver of the recent industrial revolution with a huge technological transformation. While Artificial intelligence works as the engine of the industry. Exactly. We all are well aware of the transformations that IoT bought in the industry- may it be smart homes, smart cars, thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart locks, and what not. But IoT seems like just an extended version of AI.

Merging IoT with AI

As per 2020 predictions made by the influencers, the world will soon get occupied with a huge set of connected devices. Offering you with advanced applications. Along with this big success, arose an urgent demand for providing real-time data collection as collecting data is not a big thing, managing and analyzing it makes the difference. The major organizations have a huge pile of data to be managed by their clients, employees, products etc. There seemed an urgent need of some tool to address the issue and manage things accordingly. Thereby, fetching maximum potential out of IoT with highly personalized experiences.

The idea of merging the concept of IoT with AI is an excellent one as it will easily allow numerous organizations to fetch data from hardware devices such as automobiles, appliances, etc and add an intelligence feature to all of them for enhancing the performance and attain better outputs with the technology base.

Implementing in the real world

Simply put, AI acts as an additional layer over the framework of IoT. IoT data merged with AI would certainly influence our lives in either of the ways, directly or indirectly:

  • Increasing productivity of industries via predictive maintenance

  • Providing data to doctors for a real-time insight into their case studies via biochips

  • Forecasting the criminals and accidents

  • Offering data to initialize communication between the self-automated cars

Imagine a situation where at midnight your heartbeat suddenly reaches an extreme level and your doctor immediately gets notified. Exactly. This is what AI and IoT can do merging together. Analyzing the data records and the patterns, based on what AI and IoT make an immediate notice to the doctor. Detecting motion, physiological signals, sound, vibration, temperature, humidity, accident predictions will be seen automatically managed in the real-time world very soon.

Increasing efficiency

As IoT is capable enough to make predictions in advance, it does saves time and makes the processing more efficient. For instance, IoT is assisting Google to manage the cooling in the campus by predicting the temperature and notifying to limit their power consumption.

Zero scopes of downtime

Major industries, especially the manufacturing sector faced the major losses just because of downtime issues. IoT analyzes the upcoming failures in advance and notifies for the maintenance. Thereby deducting the downtime possibility and getting rid of the losses.

By the year 2019, as per predictions, all the IoT based products will have an inbuilt AI in their framework.

The future seems to be an IoT cum AI world!!