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Why ToXSL has Weekly Training Program?

Why ToXSL has Weekly Training Program?

An often neglected yet a very crucial success factor for any organization is the training program for its employees. Most employers would not take on an under-skilled worker, yet many are reluctant to invest in training programs for the skilled workers they have. Employee training not only provides benefits to the individual but also to the business, helping the company to continue running effectively.

This option is mostly disregarded by many organizations as it is considered costly, however, lack of training leaves the skilled workers lagging behind. There are a number of reasons why employee training is beneficial for the business and made a priority. Keeping all these factors in mind, ToXSL Technologies came up with the initiative of a weekly training program for its employees. It not only enhances the respective skills of every single employee but also improves the coordination among the team members.

We started in 2012 with small team. It was difficult to find skilled people and even if we do find, they lacked exact skills we needed. We started our weekly tarinig programme and since then maintaned this tradition. 

Given below are the few important reasons why ToXSL Technologies invests in the weekly training program for its employees and why the training is worth the investment:

Streamlines Operations: ToXSL Technologies has defined a few processes to provide the most efficient and cost-effective system of doing business. It is not adequate for the system to be in place, however, employees need to know the system completely so that they understand the importance of following the process and adhering to it at all times. So, ToXSL Technologies trains its employees about processes to ensure a smooth workflow, thereby increasing productivity which in turn results in financial benefits.

Keeps Up With Latest Technology: Industries are constantly changing and, therefore, it is important for businesses like ToXSL to develop to avoid being left behind. ToXSL finds it important to make sure the business is complying with the industry regulations which can be achieved through training and making sure your staff’s skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

Creates Autonomy: A well-trained employee is a more trustworthy employee, who needs almost no supervision and is mature enough to be responsible for his/ her work and responsibilities. This leads to a greater time saving of not just the employee himself but also for the supervisor who is leading the overall team.

Internal Promotion Opportunities: Hiring new employees includes high recruitment costs. However, through training, the existing employees become more eligible for internal promotions. We can guarantee they have a complete knowledge of our business, the correct skill set and are people that we know and trust, unlike new employees.

Improves Efficiency: Trained employees complete the given task more quickly as they know the exact methods for effective results which benefits the organization in the long run. Delivering the project in a timely and efficient manner improves the customer satisfaction and also maximizes our return on investment.

Increases Morale: Training program improves the confidence level in the employees and they become more aware of their abilities and skills. It boosts their morale and encourages them to involve more in their tasks leading to reduced absenteeism and contributing to the growth of the organization.

Attracts New Talent: Training helps to attract the candidates who are proficient in their work and are looking for continued professional development. New job seekers look out for companies like ToXSL who are happy to invest in their employees through training.

These were a few factors why we considered weekly training programs for our employees. It helps the organization with employee retention, onboarding, and skills development. Get in touch with ToXSL Technologies to discuss more about the importance of training programs for employees.