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Checklist to Cover Before the Release of an Android Application

Checklist to Cover Before the Release of an Android Application

We all work hard for weeks or even months on building our Android app from scratch. We all want our app to stand out from the rest and make a lasting impression on our users creating smooth and successful app launch. There is so much to implement and cover before making your final release in Play Store. So without wasting a moment, let’s jump into it straight away.

  1. An Android app executes in debug mode when in the development stage and in release mode after the launch. The release-ready package contains the same components as the debug APK files like the compiled source code, resources, and manifest file. To release your application to users you need to make sure that you give a release-ready package to the client that users can install and run on their Android-powered devices.

  2. The following developer API keys should also be checked before the launch of the app.

    Also, every single key that is used in the application should be generated from client’s account and not from developer’s account.

    • Facebook keys

    • Google Map keys

    • All Google keys related to push notifications, AdMob, etc.

  3. Always use ProGuard to minimize the size of the application by removing a plethora of unused methods. This step itself can show you a significant reduction in app size. Also, compressing the resources like images, audio files, etc included in the APK is a no-brainer.

  4. Often, applications are built at local URLs that are not the application’s final URLs. Before the application goes live, the URLs should be changed to live. The developers need to test the URLs every time before the app launch.

  5. Remove  the static login credentials and the following Folders and Files:

    • Remove build folder, app.iml file inside app/ folder

    • Remove the company base URL if we are using client-server

  6. The below android studio information should be stored in a single file.

    • android studio version 2.2.3,minSdkVersion 17,

    • compileSdkVersion 26,

    • TargetSdkVersion 26

  7. The keys of release and debug mode are also different which are also required to be checked before the release.

  8. Permissions which are not required should not be included.

  9. Logs Should always be under debug check and disabled in final release build

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