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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App in Australia?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App in Australia?

Are you looking to enhance your business in Australia? Want to develop a mobile app that help you get more leads? Australia has a strong app market whose revenue has grown by $1 billion in the past few years. As per a report, over four-fifths of the Australian population are using smartphones actively. Hence, mobile app development has become crucial for all businesses in today’s world. However, developing mobile apps for business can be challenging. The question that arises in the minds of businesses is “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app for the business?”.

In this blog, we will talk about the cost and also, focus on the factors that impact the cost of mobile apps in the market. Keep reading the blog to learn more about the cost associated with mobile app development in the Australian market.

Understanding Mobile App Development Cost

There is no one-size-fits-all situation when it comes to the cost of mobile app development in Australia. The cost varies a lot based on the developers that you are willing to work with or the complexity of your app. The normal range for developing a mobile app in the Australian market is $10,000 to $100,000. However, the cost can vary depending on the various factors of the app. Let us dive deep into the blog and learn about the factors associated with the cost of mobile app development in Australia:

App Complexity and Features

The mobile app features play a crucial role when it comes to calculating the cost of developing a mobile app in Australia. The features can be according to the company’s requirements, including AI-driven chatbot, security measures such as authentication, push notifications, search and filter, etc. The table below shows the cost related to app complexity.

App Complexity


Platform Selection

Which platform are you looking for to develop your app? Well, according to research, Android operating systems are dominating the smartphone market by 52.9%, whereas the iOS market holds up to 47% of market shares. Well, selecting a platform depends on your requirements, and is essential before developing a mobile app development in Australia. For this, you must know the market first and then decide on the platform. The platform can be iOS, Android, or both, depending on your budget and business requirements. Well, developing a cross-platform app can be a cost-effective solution that helps you be present on both iOS and Android. It is not only cost-effective and budget-friendly but also eliminates the need for developing a separate code snippet.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX designs play a crucial role in the appearance of mobile apps and can vary as per business requirements. UI/UX design costs can vary from $4000 to $10,000, depending on the complexity of the design. If cost for simple designs can be around $4000, and for medium complex designs can be around $8000, and for complex designs, the cost can be around $10,000 or more.

Experience and Expertise

The cost can vary highly depending on the expertise and experience of a mobile app development company in Australia. If a company has less experience you can easily negotiate with the budget but if a company has a higher experience and expertise, then the company might charge more. But it is recommended to hire an experienced company who have already developed the type of apps you want. Experienced companies like ToXSL Technologies have a great portfolio which speaks of their massive experience in the industry.

Tech Stack

What technology you want to choose for developing the mobile apps is crucial. For example, choosing frameworks like Flutter can help you save costs. Hence, depending on your requirements, the technology or framework may change, and so does the pricing. So, make sure that you are clear about the tech stack you must use in the mobile app development, or for more guidance you can ask the mobile app experts.

App Maintenance

If you think you will develop the app one and then it can be used forever, then you are wrong. Once you create the app, you must ensure its maintenance. There are chances that the version of framework that you have used in your app today, might not be compatible with the future versions. Hence, ensure that you talk about this beforehand with the mobile app development services in Australia that you are willing to hire.

What makes ToXSL Technologies your best App Development Partner?

Mobile applications are crucial for businesses worldwide. Having the knowledge related to the cost of mobile app development can help you hire the right mobile app development in Australia. So, if you are looking to develop mobile apps for your business, choose the company that has experience with the type of apps you want to develop and holds a potential portfolio. Hence, if you are looking to hire a reliable, scalable, and secure mobile app for your business, choose ToXSL Technologies. We have a track record of offering numerous mobile app solutions to businesses worldwide. Our team of experts has developed solutions for businesses that help them grow their organic traffic and enhance their revenue. Feel free to contact us to learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to build an app in Australia?

Ans: Mobile app development is a complex as well as challenging process. It involves multiple stages that involve planning, designing, development, and testing. Each step involved in mobile app development is crucial and must be taken care of. Well, there are four top approaches to mobile app development, they are:

    Native App Development

    Hybrid App Development

    Cross-platform App Development

    Progressive Web App Development

2. How do mobile apps make money?

Ans: Even though there are numerous monetization strategies to generate revenue, the common methods are:

    In-app Advertising: This method of monetization includes banners, videos, and native ads.

    Subscription Model: This method includes monthly, weekly, or yearly plans.

    Freemium Model: This method allows users to download the app for free and access the basic features.

    In-App Purchase: Users have access to the exclusive content and can buy features, and additional content within the app.

3. How long does it take to develop a mobile app in Australia?

Ans: The time for mobile app development in Australia differs by several factors. They include the app types, app complexity, app features, technology stack, and the expertise of the app development company. The average time taken by an app development company varies from 3 months to 6 months to a year. The time completely depends on the project requirements. Sometimes, a client’s requirements change during the development process, and then it might take more time than expected. Contact our developers to learn more.


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