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ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd. Featured as a Top Startup by Best Startup India

ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd. Featured as a Top Startup by Best Startup India

ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd. has been featured recently in the list of top startups by Best Startup India. The list recognizes the organizations that offer the most innovative software and mobile app development services with edge-cutting approaches. We stand tall among all the custom software development companies in India. We follow strategies that are a complete blend of uniqueness and inventiveness to offer state-of-art solutions. 

We are a Multinational company (MNC) with offices in Dubai, Singapore, Australia, the USA, and exploring Canada. Our organization aims to provide world-class quality services to all businesses of all sizes. And, offer apps and services based on the best-in-class architecture that in turn helps businesses reshape their business radar. 

About ToXSL Technologies:

The organization was founded in 2012 and is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015, and NASSCOM - certified. With its strong base of more than 350 well-versed experts, it has become one of the most renowned and top Custom Mobile App development companies in India.

Here is how ToXSL Technologies is helping businesses across the globe to transform their business journey.

Flexible and Scalable Models: ToXSL Technologies offers the most flexible and scalable models that help businesses meet their requirements. From fixed budget needs to time and material models to a fully dedicated development team, the organization covers all the client’s needs.

Focus Towards Project Objectives: The organization develops solutions followed by a strategic plan that aligns with its customer's vision. Our experts ensure that they follow strategic step-by-step methods to execute the process and deliver the best results.

Best Leadership Skills: No great results come without strong leadership, and ToXSL Technologies is renowned for its best leadership skills. Because of the strong leadership skills, the organization has been able to gain the trust of businesses around the globe. Our teams work together and deliver the best results that help businesses empower.

Transparent Communication: ToXSL Technologies keeps its communication channel transparent and help its customers stay up to date on the progress. The transparency that is maintained in the organization has made it a first-class software development company.

Quality Assurance: The organization offers the best quality services with the help of its most powerful and effective quality assurance team. It is seen that the solutions delivered by ToXSL are future-ready and bugs free.

Constant Support: Being the most trusted and leading mobile app development company in India, ToXSL Technologies offers 24·7 support for clients and fix their issues on time. Moreover, the organization ensures that they connect their customers with the right team of experts and solve their issues on time.

ToXSL Technologies specializes in designing, implementing, and managing technology. Here are the services offered by ToXSL Technologies:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Development
  • Web Design Services
  • Automation Testing
  • IoT Application Services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing
  • ERP Software Development
  • Web Development Framework

ToXSL Technologies has an integrated team of consultants and engineers who tailor solutions as per your needs and services to various industry verticals. The industries ToXSL Technologies serves are:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle
  • Real Estate
  • eCommerce
  • Food and Grocery
  • Transportation
  • Internet of Things
  • ERP

ToXSL Technologies operates with its own set of opportunities, and challenges, with its main focus on custom software and app development. It delivers businesses the most groundbreaking, flawless, and durable solutions that help them grow worldwide. So, if you are wondering whom to choose as your development partner, ToXSL Technologies can help you achieve your development goals.

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