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Celebrating New Year 2023: Entering the new year with a sense of gratitude

Celebrating New Year 2023: Entering the new year with a sense of gratitude

ToXSL entered the new year by rewinding its achievements of the last year and by showing gratitude to its employees. Last year was one of the most amazing years for ToXSL. We learned new things and grew as a company. And it was the perfect time to celebrate all that we have achieved and learned. Also, it is a perfect time to be grateful in advance for what is coming.

ToXSL celebrated and welcomed the New Year with lots of fun, laughter, food, drinks, and new goals. 

The spectacular decorations, colorful balloons, shimmering lights, and wonderful music made the evening more happening for our employees.

Let us recap the wonderful time that we had

The evening began with our anchors, who shared their warmest new year wishes with everyone for the coming year and entertained us all by conducting many fun activities. The following activities were conducted.

The Push-Up Challenge: The games began with the Push-UP Challenge. Five employees took part in the challenge and gave each other neck to neck competition. The other employees were trying to increase their enthusiasm by cheering them up. The employees who stayed till the end won. It was extremely entertaining.

The Glass Pyramid: The competition was conducted between a team of two. The players have a minute to stack 10 cups in the pyramid and take them down. If the pyramid tower falls at any point, they have to start over. The one who makes and takes down the pyramid first wins.

The Arm Wrestling: This game is a fun way to prove how much physically strong you hold. A team of two employees was called and the competition of arm wrestling was held. It was way too much fun for all, and everyone was cheering the candidates. The winner was the one who pins the arm down.

Mood Lighting Dance: The mood lighting dance activities changed the aura of intense and fun games. There were dance performances that lighten everyone’s mood and put everyone in a musical mood. All the performances were unique and wonderful. 

The Heart-Winning Standing Comedy: Nothing can beat the beauty of standing comedy. We had many performances, all were humorous, funny, and able to set the cool environment. We all laughed our hearts out and enjoyed every bit of it.

Celebrated Our Brilliant Minds: We celebrated the hard work of our employees. The best performers from different teams were nominated for different categories. The winners were appreciated by giving them prizes and awards. 

On with the Dance! Let Joy be Unconfined: With the great and cozy ambiance, dim lights, and great music, everyone danced to their hearts and enjoyed every second of it.

Rejoice, Eat, Drink and Make Merry: The saying “a Great Meal Puts Everyone in a Great Mood” is not a lie. We know that great food can do wonders. The great meal uplifts and eases everyone’s mood. After all the fun parts, the meal was served. Everyone enjoyed and established a great bond and got to know each other better.

With that, the celebration ended and the beginning of the new year was a beautiful and memorable one. We bid our goodbyes to the last year with love, kindness, and grateful hearts. 

The new year brings in new lights and new grace for new accomplishments!

As we ring in the new year, it brings new hopes and new enthusiasm to achieve new goals and to do better. It is time to make and achieve new goals. ToXSL is all set for the challenges and opportunities this year will show. We are looking forward to setting new records in the market and helping more and more businesses around the globe.

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