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Leading Towards Excellence: Celebrating A Decade Full Of Accomplishments!

Leading Towards Excellence: Celebrating A Decade Full Of Accomplishments!

It is not only our company’s anniversary but also an outstanding journey of 10 years of togetherness that has defied all odds to grow strong and achieve great things together. Happy anniversary!

A decade of togetherness! Yes, ToXSL has completed 10 years in the competitive software business world. On this happy occasion, we would like to throw some light on the journey of our joys, achievements, setbacks, and more!

The company’s well-being and productivity are teamwork, and no single individual can take the complete credits. It is a result of the collaborative hard work and dedication of all those who have been a part of the organization.

Seeing the company growing in front of our eyes feels fantastic, but this has not come easy. We have attained great heights but have also faced great challenges and did not give up. We are a renowned name today, all because of the years of hard work and dedication put into the work by the organization to remain competitive in the industry.

The right blend of employee diversity, values, creative minds, amazing ideas, and mentorship is what molded us to achieve great heights. We are committed to delivering extraordinary results with our intellectual assets and efforts. While every company’s history is unique, we would like to elaborate our unique story for you!

From where we begin! A look back at the past

ToXSL came into existence in 2012. It was the vision of Shiv Charan Panjeta and Monika Panjeta, who became the pillars of strength for ToXSL to grow.  Overcoming all the pitfalls, they helped drive successful transformational change.

ToXSL began with a team of 10-12 employees, who had faith in themselves and their skills, and worked collaboratively to reach a strength of 300+ employees. Today, after the successful completion of 10 years, we can claim to offer our services worldwide and to clients. Moreover, ToXSL has now set up its sales office space in Dubai!,

ToXSL evolved across years with infinite possibilities

ToXSL wasn’t built in a day! Let’s pay a tribute to the path’s the company has traveled together, pushing their limits to reach where we stand.


1. 2012

Giving wings to our dreams, we began with a team of 10-15. From day one, we were dedicated, believed in success, and had faith in our skills.

2. 2015

Our hard work paid off! We were recognized as a successful and leading IT company with more than 60 employees and delivered more than 100 web & mobile app projects worldwide.

3. 2017

We completed 5 years! ToXSL became a member of NASSCOM, and as we were growing in numbers, we just moved to a new office space on 4th Jan 2017.

4. 2019

7 Years of togetherness happiness, and making dreams come true! What began as a small firm with just 10-12 members has now risen high in the industry with 150+ employees.

5. 2021

Our office space increased to 25,000 sq feet, completely refurbished, with a total capacity of 550 employees. The hard work and dedication of the employees helped us reach heights!

6. 2022

Our growth does not stop here. Our sales office in Dubai is now operational, and we plan to expand our horizons in other countries too!


What makes ToXSL the best company across all these years

Employees love working in an organization that values them, and here is what ToXSL offers that makes it the best organization to work.

1. Work Environment and Culture

We offer employee-centered work culture, and it makes us quite cool. We work here as a family and have a defined set of positive values, a lively environment that not only helps retain top employees but also attracts the right ones. When an employee is satisfied and happy, it promotes a healthy environment and ultimately leads to a rise in productivity.

2. Happy & Satisfied Clients

We maintain a transparent relationship and seamless communication with our employees for 10 years. We believe in successfully retaining the client's trust and building their trust. 

3. For us, Employee Happiness Matters the Most

With the lively and engaging environment in the office premises, we ensure no one is ever stressed out, no matter what the concern is. We firmly believe that an employee gives their best when they are genuinely happy, and therefore we ensure they are never bored.

4. We are great learners!

We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and news to stay ahead of the competition. We ensure to have weekly training with the latest topics where the employees show full enthusiasm to learn whatever new comes in the IT world.

5. Believe in Employee Appreciation

Teams perform better when they know they are being respected and appreciated. ToXSL believes in employee appreciation and rewards them, that ultimately leads to higher job satisfaction. Our offerings include employee incentives, recognizing employees on social media and on special occasions, and more.

Glimpses of the Roller coaster 10 years Journey of ToXSL

As we mark our decade of the journey, we would like to share the story and glimpses of the roller coaster ride.

1. Focus on Employee Health and Wellness

Our employee's health and well-being are top-notch business priorities. And whether it was a vaccination drive for the employees or health insurance, we helped them tackle all the risks. We begin with a 2 lakh insurance policy and now offering a premium insurance cover of 5 lakhs for self and spouse.

2. We grew Bigger and Better

ToXSL begin with a very little space in 2012, now acquired the entire 2nd floor of the building with an employee strength of more than 300.

3. Client success is our foremost priority

If your business is supported by loyal and trusted customers, it leads to the success of your business. At ToXSL, we believe that clients are who drive you towards growth. Client success and their reviews offer an amazing method that helps builds trust and is a healthy way for businesses to reach heights.

4. Fun at work acts as a stress booster

We do not leave any occasion uncelebrated! Yes, we believe in cherishing every moment that brings a smile to the employee’s faces. We have the most enjoyable and friendly working environment and organize parties on different occasions.

5. Empowering Employees to rise

We at ToXSL empower the employees, giving them the opportunity and freedom to make crucial decisions and act on them accordingly. Implementing such policies brings more independence and autonomy to any workplace!

What’s next for us?

Our aim and goals give us the direction over our business and a clear vision to turn it into reality. This decade is a foundation for the next decade!

What are ToXSL’s goals for the upcoming years? We are and will continue to work hard in terms of operations, employee satisfaction, client satisfaction, infrastructure cost, and more. We are planning to expand our team size by 500+ by the end of the year and establish our sales offices in the USA and Australia. We also look forward to growing our empire on other continents as well!