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The Release Of Flutter 3: Here Are The Latest Announcements, Features And Updates!

The Release Of Flutter 3: Here Are The Latest Announcements, Features And Updates!

Google's annual developer conference in 2022 concluded with a plethora of benefits for the developers, and the announcement of Flutter 3 was a major one.

Released on May 11, 2022, Flutter 3 is known to offer remarkable performance improvement for the mobile and web. It offers stability for Mac and Linux as well, you heard it right!

We are living in a world full of technological advancements and updates, and this amazing news is surely a boon for the developers. The latest framework update came into the limelight for the developers and app development companies, and the major part of the attraction is the enhanced features and support.

Here is a blog that concludes the top-notch features, announcements, and other details about the Flutter that every developer should be aware of.

An Overview of Flutter 3

Flutter 3 allows you to create seamless experiences with a single code usage. It will allow developers to focus on other productive tasks and take your business to a whole new level. Flutter 3 offers Mac and Linux support, and there is an improved firebase integration, new performance features, and support for Apple Silicon.

Flutter was launched to revolutionize the app development process. Since the Flutter 1.0 beta release, Google has been continuously working to develop the foundation by offering new framework updates by adding widgets and more. Flutter has a rich package of libraries and is used by big platforms like Shein, WeChat, and more.

A sneak peek into the Flutter Journey


Flutter 1.0

Google launched Flutter 1.0 which is a version that came up with the newest development tools and meta support.

Flutter 2.0

Google worked to overcome the pain points and embedded features like Native platform view, web support with desktop preview, sound null safety, and more.

Flutter 3.0

And yes, Google then arrived with the amazing new features that provide better support and a seamless user experience. Let us discuss the new features Flutter has.


Top New Features Flutter 3 offers

1. System Menu bar support with menu cascading for MacOS

Flutter 3 was launched with the purpose to offer adaptability for the operating system and leverage a unique UI as per the business need. It highlights care for the platform support past rendering pixels. Flutter prioritizes the key contributions for platform-specific integration and intuitive models that help build support and provides accessibility.

2. Support for Material Design 3

Support for the material design is an ideal feature for what is happening in the Flutter 3.0 conversation. Flutter has a versatile cross-stage design framework that transforms your application into an amazing intuitive product.

Material 3, also known as the material you are the upcoming age of material design. The material design features include

  1. Adaptive colors
  2. New app menu
  3. Variable font support
  4. New buttons

3. Flutter Firebase

App builders need a comprehensive set of tools that helps you operate, build, and release your app with the different services. These services include data authentication, data storage, testing, and cloud functions.

A report from SlashData says that 62% of the Flutter app developers are using firebase for their Flutter applications. Therefore, to make it a better and superior integration, Google offers complete support for the Firebase plugins.

4. Support for Linux and Mac OS X support

The Developer's community was very happy with the release of Flutter, and it was introduced as a cost-efficient, unique, and the best cross-platform development framework. It is used to develop programs for Windows, Android, and iOS.

With the release of Flutter 3, it began to support Mac and Linux as well. It now allows the developers to design applications for such devices without facing any issues.

5. Game Toolkit in Flutter 3.0

Developers consider Flutter as an outstanding platform that offers a different package of formats and acknowledges advertisements. Flutter offers support and allows developers to leverage the hardware-accelerated graphics.

Using Firebase and Flutter Web support, developers made a pleasant pinball game that shows higher flexibility of the new Flutter 3 update. The game doc page allows you to develop Flutter-based gaming apps with ease.


Features for Mobile and Web

1. Supports dynamic refresh rate

When it is to iOS devices, Flutter offers support for ProMotion screens and support dynamic refresh rates.

2. Decode images

Flutter 3 has amazing new APIs that help you decode pictures off the thread. It can be done using a browser's built-in image encoder.

3. Theme Extension

Material library ThemeData can be customized by adding custom extensions to the Themedata file. 

4. Faster iOS Releases

Flutter has amazing features that help developers construct an IPA command and release iOS apps more prompt.

What next would be seen in Flutter?

The above highlights and updates in the Flutter 3 streamline the developer tasks and have now reached extensive platforms Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. What is next for Flutter? Everyone is excited to know about the same!

Google continues to work hard on the two crucial aspects that include revamping the productivity of the developer and working to enhance the features shortly.

We hope you enjoyed the dynamic feature list that Flutters 3.0 offers. If you are looking forward to building the mobile application based on Flutter, you can reach out to us!