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Holi Hai! Celebrated The Most Anticipated Festival With A Bash Of Colors!

Holi Hai! Celebrated The Most Anticipated Festival With A Bash Of Colors!

May your life remain filled with the colors of Love, Happiness & Joy. Wishing everyone a very Happy & Vibrant Holi!

Holi is a festival of colors, and nothing can beat the joy the occasion brings in! It bids a farewell to the winters and welcomes the spring. And at ToXSL, the celebration marks apart whenever there is an occasion.

So we decided to have a blast and make the color fest absolute fun. Holi remains incomplete without Gujiyas.... so we started the festival with the sweets.

With pomp and zeal to the beat of the music, colors, food, mouth-watering delicacies, and more we created the most mesmerizing atmosphere and of course, captured a lot of memories.

Now that we got some facts, let’s quickly explore how ToXSL made the color fest fun!

Keep Calm because it’s Holi Celebration at ToXSL!

Our HR team took an extra effort to arrange an amazing and fun-packed party that helped us unwind, de-stress and create moments. Let’s have a look at what fun activities we had to make our employees valued and cared for.

1. The Taste of Traditional Gujiyas

As already said, Holi is incomplete without sweets and Gujiyas. It is one of the most popular traditional Holi delicacies. We ordered them for all the employees, exchanged sweets, and greeted them with Gulal. 

2. The Hidden Talent was shown up by many

We never knew the secret and hidden talent of our colleagues. But during the Holi bash, it all came out. We were mesmerized by the amazing performances of the employees. From singing, dancing, and mimicry events, we had so much fun.

In between the performances, we had a fistfight competition. It kept the employees encouraged. Check it out yourself!

3. Dancing to beats and splashing some color

We ensured to celebrate the festive vibe in an environment-friendly manner, and therefore we only used the dry colors and played it within the premises. The bright and vibrant colors were splashed all over. We all enjoyed dancing to the beats of music, which made all employees lift the spirit of the day and induce higher morale.

We had fun playing with colors, making us stronger as a family!

4. The appetizing snacks!

The serving of hot and yummy snacks was like icing on the cake! It was time to enjoy the delicious food and drinks served on the table. Some employees were busy eating, some were busy making plans for the other day, some were still on the dance floor-all in all, leading to an awesome evening!

We ensure to leave no stone unturned to see those smiling faces during any celebration or festival. With so much happiness around, we ensure to contribute to a positive working environment and team building!

All in all, it was an awesome evening, and we had a blast. Holi celebration at ToXSL is something we will never forget!