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The Lights of Christmas Reimagined...Memories, Gifts, and Treats Bring Us Together!

The Lights of Christmas Reimagined...Memories, Gifts, and Treats Bring Us Together!

The year has been challenging, and many things conspired with us, such as the Covid variants, global market tensions etc. But it feels like we have successfully conquered all! Now the year is about to end, we are very excited to look ahead to 2022 with vigor and enthusiasm.

We could not find a better way to thank our employees, with a frolic Christmas party. Whether it’s the decoration, crafts, music, treat, we had the perfect celebration beyond cheering and bashing.

Well, the official parties offer a great way to show appreciation and an opportunity for team-building and a bond over meals. So why not have a little fun on Christmas Eve!

Are you looking for more details and in-depth details of our Christmas fun and activities? The blog covers it all and gives you a detailed guide!


Can you hear the Jingle Bells... The fun activities we had!

No celebration is completed without a Christmas theme and decorations. We planned for a red and white theme! The festive aura and the exciting activities made the day even more special.

1. Creating that festive atmosphere with decorations

It only happens once a year, so why not indulge your senses in the festive theme and decoration. Putting up that Christmas decoration was so much exciting for us.

We created an ambiance with layered lighting, snowballs, Hangings, Paper Santa, colorful baubles, and of course, our center of attraction was our fully decorated Christmas tree. We clicked a lot of pictures with the beautifully crafted background!

2. Santa Delivering the secret presents to the employees

How can we even imagine celebrating the festival without the Secret Santa gifts! Yes, Secret Santa distributed gifts to everyone, and it made everyone excited and brought a smile to their face. Because we know receiving a present can dampen anyone’s mood!

3. Speak your heart out: The secret chit game

Everyone finally had a chance to speak their heart out to someone they might want to convey for years! Everyone got a chit where they wrote their messages and mentioned the name of the person they want to deliver the message to! Trust me, it was such a wonderful time in the workplace!

4. Festival attire and more!

It is the time of year when you need to get dressed well in red and white because what you wear makes you feel as festive as possible.

5. The Music dance party and ambient songs

With the dimmed light theme, we couldn't resist dancing to the perfect beats of the DJ. Dancing and enjoying an evening out added a more sophisticated element to our party.

6. The Christmas Eve snacks and the drinks

No party is complete without yummy snacks and drinks. Festive food such as cookies, burgers, chips, and patties was a great snack option.


New Year brings Massive Opportunities!

We pride ourselves on making our premises and business better! Our celebrations ended with a smile and a cheer on everyone’s face. Here's hoping that the new year brings us lots of new and exciting opportunities and great business success.

Well, it's not only Christmas, but we eagerly celebrate every festival here with zeal. The year is about to end, and it is time for all of us to start fresh with some new resolutions and aim to achieve some unrealized goals!

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