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A Complete Guide To Developing A Music Streaming App In 2021

A Complete Guide To Developing A Music Streaming App In 2021

Music is one of the best ways that connect your inner soul with the world. It can make up for your ruined mood and help you feel more energetic. Whether you are hitting a gym, enjoying a house party, or having a gloomy day, Music makes it exceptional.

Remember the old and traditional days when you had to download your favorite tracks and listen. But with the extensive success of Spotify and other music streaming platforms, it does not require any downloads. These applications offer convenience to the users, and people now enjoy listening to their favorite tracks without any hassles.

As per research, around 140 million people enjoy and leverage the benefits of Spotify, and also more than 50 million are paid, subscribers. The numbers are impressive! Music streaming apps are now considered the future, and developing one for your business is a wise idea. 

If you are thinking of developing a Music Streaming App platform, the blog guides you through the entire process. There are several factors and features you must consider. 

Read out the blog and know every detail about building an amazing music streaming platform like Spotify.

A Market Overview to the Music Streaming Applications

Music streaming apps have gained popularity. It offers convenience to the users and presents them with what they need. Therefore, the development of these apps continues to rise. Here are a few stats that depicts the statement:

  • The global market of music streaming app will rise to $10 billion by 2023.
  • Spotify is one of the leading platforms that has a 36% of the market share.
  • As per Apple, around 60 million of the users pay for Apple Music Subscription.
  • Global revenue of the music streaming segment will rise and rise to US $21,315 million with a CAGR of 5.4% by 2025.

The stats show a share of consumers who used music streaming and download services in the last week in the United States in 2019-2020.


The stats show that the music streaming market is on the rise. However, developing an app like Spotify and Pandora is no big deal. These platforms have worked hard and offered the best user experience to acquire a robust user base.

Different Kind of Music Streaming Platforms

1. Radio station based apps

These are applications for different radio stations. You can arrange them by specific themes and stream on devices that include mobiles, PC, or home audio. 

Apple Music is an example of such a platform.

2. Music library

These are the server-based music libraries that help you listen to your favorite tracks as per your condition. You can either get a paid subscription or get free access. Spotify is an example of a music library.

3. Cloud storage

It stores the music in the cloud and allows users to listen to their songs and stream them anywhere and anytime they like. An example includes AudioBox.

Making Money from App like Spotify

Spotify generates most of its revenue from paid subscriptions. You can either decide to offer a free app version or a paid one.

  • Freemium Version: It offers a free and paid version to the users.
  • Free Version: The version allows the users to access limited features of the application. 
  • Premium Version: The version allows the users to get complete access to features, get the latest soundtracks, have no ad interruption, and podcast streaming. 
  • Ads: To make money with a free music app or plan, you can let brands play ads in your app.

Challenges faced during the App Development

If you are planning to develop an app like Spotify, you might face a few challenges. Here are they:

1. Licensing

Licensing is one of the biggest challenges the platform like Spotify faces. There is legal documentation required to listen to the music. 

So the platforms have to pay some royalty to the right holder. If not, you are violating the copyright issues. 

2. Accurate recommendations

Recommendations that play what the user demands are essential and challenging. The competition is on the rise & the apps should not leave any stone unturned for customer satisfaction.

 3. Value proposition

Communicating the app value helps you stand out among the competitors. Therefore, a compelling value proposition is an essential and propelling task.

4. Entering the market

Getting a high user engagement and downloads is another challenging task these platforms face. Therefore, a robust marketing strategy can resolve the issue. The marketing strategies include social media, advertisements. TV commercials to attract a huge user base.

How To Create An App Like Spotify?

If the idea of developing a music streaming application hits your mind, then here is how you can learn the best strategies from the app:

  • Choose services like Radio, Feature Artist, The Latest songs.
  • Do not forget to add features like search filters, library, recommendations, playlist, and more.
  • When the user's search, offer quick and accurate recommendations to them.
  • Allow users to create a personalized playlist for them based on the latest album.
  • Ask the user for interest, region, language, and genre.
  • Design easy & attractive mobile app UI.

Features of a Music Streaming App like Spotify

Let us get over a detailed discussion on how to develop a music streaming app like Spotify. Here are all the tips that help you get the desired results:

1. Registration & Authentication

Registration is the first step as the user downloads your application. So be careful and ensure you keep it simple. Simple registration ensures more user retention and app downloads. It should include adding information like email, contact numbers.

The user can also register via social media accounts, and it offers a great solution.

2. User Account

After the registration process, the user can access their account and update all the information about them. It includes name, age, location, hobbies, interests, and music taste. It is the most significant step.

3. Personalization

Popular applications like Pandora and Spotify use the latest technologies like Machine Learning and AI that keep them updated about user behavior. Therefore, it offers music as per the interest of the users.

4. Varied music collections

It is one of the crucial features of a platform like Spotify that allows them to check for all the musical selection and the collection. It offers ease to the users. Therefore, you must add similar functionality to provide users the best.

5. Search System

Offering the users with the best search filter option helps them find the track immediately. 

So do not forget to integrate the feature into your application. The users can search for the genres, singer, track, or other parameters.

6. Push Notifications

Push notifications benefit the users and keep them updated on all the information. It notifies the users about the new tracks, the latest offers, discounts, and more.

7. Instant messaging

Mobile chat will make your application even more attractive to your users.

8. Social media integration

Integrating the social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is a popular trend and offers the user the chance to share the app news and related activities with others via their social media. It boosts the number of users.

9. Playlist during the offline mode

When the user has no Internet connectivity, what happens then? The users can download their favorite tracks and listen to them even when there is poor or no Internet connectivity.

Cost to Develop a Spotify Clone

The development of such an application depends on several factors. It includes the features you wish to integrate, the development company you choose, the hourly prices, the app complexity, and a lot more. However, the price can reach $100,000 ‒ $150,000 or even more in some regions for the development from scratch. Now you have all the necessary information about the cost to create a music app. Use it wisely.


While concluding the text above, developing a music streaming app platform is a profitable investment in today’s time. What all you need is the right development partner that offers you the best features and marketing strategies. We have discussed everything here you need to develop a unique music streaming application.

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