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How To Create A Music Streaming App Like Spotify?

How To Create A Music Streaming App Like Spotify?

It is no doubt that music streaming apps are trending all over the app stores especially amongst the millennials. These apps like Spotify have changed the way we used to listen to our favorite tracks. Although there are many apps on the App Store and Google Play Store but not all the apps are as popular as Spotify. The market leader app such as Apple Music and Spotify has become popular because of their convenience and features that make them unique.

As recorded by June 2019, the number of Spotify monthly active users is around 232M. Here is an overview.

Here are some of the important statistics about the popularity of these apps:

  • The global music streaming app is expected to exceed $10 billion by 2023.

  • Spotify has 36% of the market share of music streaming subscribers.

  • Music streaming users are expected to amount 1,273.9M by 2024.

Amazing-isn’t it? The above stats are just a small portrayal of how trending the music apps are becoming. What is Spotify and what are the reasons behind its popularity, let’s discuss in the article below:

What is Spotify Streaming App?

Spotify is an app for music lovers. Even if one gets 15 mins from their busy schedules, most of the time is wasted searching and download the track. But forget all these hassles with Spotify, it allows you to listen to your favorite tracks without having to download them.

It offers unique and astounding features with music streaming services in the most convenient and cheap ways online. Say Goodbye to the old and traditional methods of downloading the track and stay tuned with the latest tracks and music. It has become quite popular in all the countries and has influenced the whole world with its uniqueness.

But, do you wonder, from where did they start? Can you generate revenue as Spotify did? Yes, of course with the help of a dedicated team you can develop an app just like a replica of Spotify.

Market Leaders of the Music Streaming Industry

How to Build a Music Streaming App

The very first thing is to have detailed instructions and a plan on how to create a music app, with all the potential pitfalls.

Here are the main features of the music streaming app like Spotify:

1. Registration for user

Once the user downloads the application, the very first thing that comes is registration. Make sure that the steps for registration are as simple and the user finds it easy to understand. Otherwise, it may annoy the user.

Users can register via email or social media platforms. With social media, you can get new subscribers and users in a matter of tap.

2. Create Profile

A user should create his profile where all the personal information such as name, gender, DOB, music preference is added. With all this necessary information and can anticipate what a user wants and provides the content accordingly.

3. Discover and Organize Music

The app should provide features of organizing different playlists that could be used for different purposes or as per the user's mood. Also, personalization of content allows you to engage more users to your content.

Spotify uses AI-based recommendations with the different types of recommendation models. This is a powerful feature that was discovered by Spotify developers.

4. Push Notifications

Push notification is a deciding feature for such a social community based on follow-ups. Don’t ever forget this feature. Its task is to remind a user about itself, give tips, notify about news and discounts - in other words, it advertises your services and offers more engagement.

5. Social Icons Integration

This feature of social media integration such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat allows the users to directly share their favorite track on a social feed. It highlights the favorite tracks and will serve your app with word-of-mouth advertising.

6. Music Library

Here users can upload their tracks and creates a music library. Also, the users can add and synchronize songs on devices and in-app playlist. Users can store a certain amount of songs on their app for free or upgrade to a premium plan.

Factors to Consider

Here are a few factors to consider before you develop an app:

1. Uniqueness

Never rush for an app. It is the first impression of the user and decides whether a user stays and register or not. It's crucial to come up with a bright and unique idea that allows you to stand beyond your competitors. It strives and offers a way to figure out how to make a music streaming app and makes it a source of high income.

2. Awesome UI/UX

The very first thing you need to consider is improving the efficiency of the app, and the app interface plays a key role. If the app is visually appealing with marvelous designs there are more chances that a user will retain, and it will grab more attention:

The good interface is:

  • User-Friendly

  • Intuitive

  • Modern

  • Concise

ToXSL has a team of dedicated developers, who are well versed with great quality and effective UI/UX. Have a look, and stay inspired!

3. Great Advertising

There are dozens of ways you can advertise your app with different marketing strategies. However, most of the publishers work with the following mobile app advertising channels:

  i. App Store Optimization: Along with keyword optimization it's important to improve the store page. So performing A/B testing of icons, description, and other storage elements.

  ii. Social Media: From organic Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence to paid ads on these social platforms.

4. Platforms

Choosing an appropriate platform is vital to make your app a success. But in case if you have a limited budget, you can choose one platform after your research. But don’t stop! Once the app starts to generate revenue and downloads, look for future improvements. And if initially the app was developed on the iOS platform, later you can develop it on the Android platform.

Experts you need

Are you ready for the showdown on how to create a music app for Android and iOS?

Although there are many great and customized apps in the market the competition is huge and the market is dynamic. Moreover, streaming profits has already increased by 98%.

You should think about it seriously! Maybe it's time to take action and join the leaders while it’s still possible with our services. Our experts have a wide experience, as you can check by visiting the portfolio. Well, we are just a click away!