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Complete Guide To Developing A Robust Social Media App With Massive User Attention

Complete Guide To Developing A Robust Social Media App With Massive User Attention

From the business perspective, social media applications are the most promising in the market. The apps like Facebook and Instagram have taken up a massive part of our lives, and their popularity is still on the rise. Whether it is about building up relationships, networks or running your business, these applications have become one of the most popular marketing tools. 

As an entrepreneur, you can not miss out on the chance to be a part of this fast-growing digital market. If you are wondering how to develop a social media platform that attracts users, then you are at the right place. 

This blog has all the details, modern trends, and insights about social media app development that will help you deliver a successful project.

The Growing Landscape of Social Media 

Social media users have grown by more than 10 percent over the past year, taking the global total to 3.96 billion. More than half of the population spends lots of time on social media.

  • As per research, around 99% of social media users access these platforms via mobile applications. 
  • Not only it offers opportunities for the communities to grow but monetize the audience with these applications.
  • Here is the share of social media app usage in the US.



Types of Trending Social Media Apps 

Well, to develop a social media application, you must be aware of all the categories. It would give you a clear idea about the niches and help you enter the market with the right strategy. So here are the most trending types of social media apps:

1. Social network apps

These applications allow you to interact and connect with other people online. Whether it is for your personal use (friends, relatives, family) or building a professional community such as LinkedIn. 

2. Media sharing networks

These applications allow the users to share all the files (such as photos, videos, GIF files, and much more). The prominent examples of this platform are Snapchat, Instagram, Imgur, and more. 

3. Networks for consumer reviews

These social media applications allow the users or customers to review the businesses they had used goods/services for. One of the leading examples of this platform is Yelp.

4. Community and discussion forums

Whether you want to ask questions or get the resolutions, insights, and experience, this is one of the best platforms. The leading examples include Quora and Reddit. 

5. Bookmarking and content curation

These applications allow you to share your content and discover other users' content as well. The app allows the user to save the content. One of the popular examples of this platform is Pinterest. 

6. Blogging and publishing platforms

You might have heard about WordPress. Yes, these platforms allow the users to create their blogs while publishing their content on the same.

Benefits of developing Social Media Apps

Creating social media applications offers a plethora of benefits with the power that helps you reach your goals. Here are the benefits of developing social media applications:

1. Offer Direct Interactions

With the right social media platform, you do not need to contact a middle-man for the interactions. It allows you to post and target your audiences as per the products or services. The application allows you to reach a broad community quickly and easily. 

2. Deeper Understanding of Community

When you create your social media app, you are in charge. You are the one who knows everything about the users, their liking, and more. You are free to interact with your community. Furthermore, you have access to what people like and their interests that prove to be a great marketing tool.

3. Customized Network for Easy Monetization

Social media platforms allow users to earn money on their terms. With the customized social media platforms, you can add a digital marketplace to them. The selling and purchasing are simplified, and customers can easily buy what they want.

4. Allows you to have your own space

With your social media platforms, you can have your own space that is free from distractions. 

Latest trends you must know for Social Media

Here are the latest social media trends in 2021 that helps you to develop an application, users like

1. AI and Chatbots

These are not anymore the new social media trends. The popularity of chatbots and AI began in 2017, and the trend continues to rise even in 2021. 

2. Live Streaming Videos

It is one of the most crucial features, and in today's time, all social media platforms should have the feature. Users now prefer live video streaming on social media. 

3. Focusing on Z Generation

If you are planning to create a social media app now, make sure you analyzed the need of the new and most influential group like Gen Z.

4. Face Filters and Augmented Reality

Snapchat is one of the most liked applications and has set a trend for face filters. It allows the users to enjoy funny and mesmerizing filters, and this trend is here to stay for a longer time.

Monetization Strategies for your Social Media App

So, how to make money from your social media apps? You need a proper monetization strategy that helps to sustain for a longer time in the market. Let's start:

1. Paid Subscriptions

There may be some users who want to avail themselves of the exclusive services. If you run a powerful professional or job search network, you can charge your users a paid subscription. It can be on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

2. In-App Purchases

If you are offering an ebook or audio/video files that are mostly loved by the users, and you know they will pay for it. Then this is the best monetization strategy. 

3. Event/Activities

You can promote events and online experiences through your community platform done by Facebook. You can directly link the event to the ticketing platform and earn through it.

4. Sponsored Content

Paid sponsorship is the essential monetization strategy that is the way to turn your reach into money.

Must-have features for Social Media App Development 

Features should be the topmost priority when you are developing a social media application. Here is the list of all the features your app should have:

1. Sign in/Signup

Onboarding is one of the crucial features. The signup process should be simple for the users and ask a few questions, such as name, email address, contact number, and more. The users should also be able to sign in using their social media platforms.

2. Profile

Users can create a profile that includes information about themselves, such as their name, location, photo, etc.

3. Posts

Users should be able to publish posts. Whether it is sharing news or other information, the users can easily share every information.

4. Notifications

Push notification is one of the great examples that notifies the users about all the details without having the users open the application.

5. Search Bar

An advanced search bar allows the users to check for people, groups, or specific communities. 

6. Friending options

Users must be able to send a friend request or be able to follow others. 

7. News Feed

It is the central space that allows the users to check, what is happening in other's life, their posts, pictures, and more.

8. Chat/Messaging

The users can chat privately with others, and that can be about anything.

9. File uploads

Users have the ability for users to upload media such as photos and videos.

10. Groups and subgroups

The ability to set up a group and subgroups.

11. Livestreaming

Nowadays, more and more people prefer watching live streams. Therefore, this is a must option in your social media platform.

12. Customization

Whether it is about changing color, theme, picture, or logo, the users should have the ability to customize as per their needs.

13. Security

The platform should be password protected, with two-factor authentication that offers you security/

14. Analytics

It allows you to keep track and have deep insights into your users, their location, likes, interests, and click on your posts that further help to offer the best user experience.

How much does it cost to create a social media app?

Let’s come down to the financials for building your social media app. The costs depend on several factors and a few facets, such as:

  • Number of features
  • Technology stack
  • Timelines set
  • The project design
  • Project management
  • A platform for App Building
  • Hourly Rate of the developers


We have here covered all the details that would help you to develop a robust social media application. The process involves many complexities, and therefore it becomes vital to hire a professional team for the same.

ToXSL helps you build social platform apps and is one of the leading names in the app development industry. Get in touch with us for further details!