Social: Web and Mobile Applications

Multiple social media accounts management, Social Media app development, Digital Marketing, Facebook Clone, Photo and video sharing apps, RSS Feeds.

Social networking sites are becoming extremely popular by providing a new way for information sharing and knowledge dissemination. Also, they are being identified as the popular channels for getting prepared for a disaster. In this project, we are aiming to create a social networking application which plays a reliable source of information about an individual.

The way of communication is completely transformed by Social Networking. The reason behind the popularity of Social Networking is its characteristic of sharing ideas and messages or anything else at very negligible charges. ToXSL Technologies offer Social Media applications with given starred features:

We do give starred features:

  • Media sharing of files as Images, Audio, Video or other files.

  • Easy Communication interface and live chat.

  • Instantly ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ on friends status and photos videos.

  • Options of Comment, Rating, Like etc.

  • Customized look and integrated search option.

  • High privacy and security.

Our developers are highly skilled and have extensive experience in developing custom Social Network Applications and website design.

For the detailed overview of the project kindly check the document Here.