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A Step-by-Step Guide To Develop A Wedding Planning App

A Step-by-Step Guide To Develop A Wedding Planning App

A wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of a person's life. The celebrations, rituals, function, pictures, and other things involved need to be taken care of. Years ago, people had to look for vendors, mediators for the arrangements, that was quite stressful. But thanks to the mobile applications that made everything in our lives more comforting.

The wedding planning apps let the users enjoy all the functions with their guests while reducing the burden on their heads. With a single tap, you can make all the arrangements and reach all the service providers with ease.

Looking at the benefits it has been offering the users, the demand for such apps continues to rise and is ever-green. If you wonder to develop a mobile application for your wedding planning business, you have landed on the correct page. 

The blog covers all the details you need to develop a mobile app for your wedding planning business!

How do the Wedding Planning App works?

A wedding is just like a dream for every individual, and it has to be great. If you consider it to be a one-day affair, then it is not. It involves a lot of planning before and many functions that make the entire wedding a grand event.

Nowadays, the expectations are more, and to stay on top, wedding planning apps are a must that relieves the stress of the bride and groom's family. As everything needs to be on track, it could be a hectic task. Therefore, to keep pace with the growing demands, a wedding planning app is a great help.

All you need is to plan and execute a solid market strategy with the necessary information. Look out for your target audience. Because if you know whom you want to target, the process would be easy for you. Then comes the app creation. You must focus on the app design, the complexity, the features, and the functionality. The price of the app development depends on several factors.

Popular types of Wedding Planning Apps

The Wedding planning apps gained prominence and proved to be quite helpful for people. Here, we listed all the popular types of wedding planning apps you need to focus on:

1. Planning Apps

What would you ever do without a good plan? The wedding planning apps help you to plan the wedding and meet up all the expectations. All you need is partnering with a robust app development company that can help you guide in all the steps.

The user can install this app while helping you plan a wedding that streamlines all the wedding tasks. The app helps to make your journey an affair that you can never forget.

2. Countdown App

The couple soon to be married remains excited about the time remaining for their special day to arrive. So these applications allow them to keep track of the time passed, days, and hours left to keep the excitement going. These are advanced applications that give the guest and couple a different feel. You can create widgets for occasions.

3. Checklist Apps

These applications perform the function. It makes aware of the checklist, which includes the rings, bouquets, notes, thank you notes, and ring bearer pillow.

A person can create a guest list on the application. It ensures that the invitation reaches the people with their desired address. The app user can set reminders for the work to be completed. 

4. Guest List Apps

If you made a list of guests some time back whom you were going to invite to your function but are now confused with the names. These types of problems occur in an environment of chaos, and that is why you need Guestlist apps that mention all the listed guests in a single place and even provide the leisure of dividing them into categories. App users can send out badges with QR codes to everyone on their guest list via email. Wedding planner software users can keep track of invited persons pretty easily.

Benefits of Wedding Planning Apps for Individuals

1. Saves Time

A wedding planning application allows you and app users to save a lot of their time to plan a successful wedding. 

It allows them to plan everything such as their venue, designs, menu, beverages, and all with simply a few clicks on their smartphones.

Round-the-Clock Connection Developing an app allows you to stay connected with the customers at whatever time it is. Therefore, if you face any issues, you will be able to solve them instantly.

2. Brand Visibility 

With an application, the wedding planners can have increased visibility and business expansion that would allow them to target globally. It would help you to boost profits in the long run.

Monetization Opportunities by Wedding Planning Apps 

Different approaches allow generating revenue from the wedding planning mobile apps. These are:

1. Commission

The app owner can allow third parties to sell their products on the platform. It includes selling envelopes, decorated plates, and much more. The users can buy such items, a vendor gives a certain amount of commission when there is a sale.

2. Features Listing

If you want to have your listing on the top of all the searches, the feature listing would be a great help. When you are on the top, there you get more customer attention.

3. Ad Management

You can advertise the products and services with a similar niche. The vendors can pay a decided amount that offers an enhanced customer base and helps you boost profits.

Advance Features in Wedding Planning App

1. Social Login/Sign up

The wedding planning app allows users to sign instantly while using their social media accounts or email or contact details. A simple sign-up process boosts user engagement. 

2. Refine search

With this feature, the user gets the permit to use the advanced filters for the search. It lowers the refining and allows users to apply filters as per their budget, need, or choice.

3. Vendor Review Rating

The app offers an advantage to the users, and they can share their experience via ratings and reviews. 

4. In-app call/chat

The feature assists the wedding planners, vendors, and organizers participate in a chat or call on the same page through messaging or calling within the application only.

5. Guest Management

It offers ease to the users and allows them to manage their guests.

6. Payment Integration

With this feature, the users can make the payment securely and hassle-free. Integrating multiple payment gateways makes it easier for the users to use the app. 

7. Efficient Backend CMS

It is crucial as CMS handles all the pages such as About us, contact us, managed by the admin. An efficient backend CMS takes care of the content on these pages and modifies them if needed.

Cost to develop a Wedding Planner Mobile App

The cost of developing a wedding planning app is not fixed and depends on several factors. Some of the most important aspects include:

  • Chosen Platform for the App
  • Third-party API Integration
  • Geographical Locations
  • The complexity of the apps
  • Advanced/Basic Features
  • Team of Developers

An application with the basic features would cost you around $10,000-$20,000 for a single platform. An app with complex features may cost you $40,000.


If you are a wedding planner but do not have a mobile application for your business, it is high time to consider it. An application shakes off all user stress of managing the events to focus on enjoying the wedding.

Our team at ToXSL understands how important it is to offer an enjoyable experience to the users. Hire our Android app developers and let your business grow more!