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Top Features Of On-Demand Pickup And Delivery App

Top Features Of On-Demand Pickup And Delivery App

Nowadays, businesses are going online, and customers enjoy the ease of on-demand applications. The on-demand community has gained popularity among consumers over the world. Whether it is the food industry, travel, hospitality, the business models of these industries offer a redefined customer experience to the users. It is one of the growth factors that help to serve the customers better.

The pandemic has even caused a more rise in the on-demand app industry. As per a Statista report, the revenue of on-demand platforms is now $70,741 million. And even before the pandemic, it was rising at a speed of 8.2% annually.

The expectations of people towards the delivery and purchase have boosted the on-demand app industry. The entrepreneurs now focus on developing these apps for their businesses. Therefore, the post clears up all the doubts about developing an on-demand app in the future. It is never too late to begin again!

Increasing Demand of Pickup and Delivery Apps

An on-demand application acts as a middleman between the customer and the service provider. Therefore, it is a win-win for both customers and the businesses.

  • IN 2014, the revenue for the on-demand industry was $14 billion and will reach $335 billion at the end of 2025.
  • As per a survey, 42% of the population utilizes on-demand services to keep their essentials.
  • The most popular on-demand delivery apps include Taxi and Food Delivery.
  • Revenue for the on-demand delivery app is $70,741 million and is assumed to grow by 8.2% annually.

Benefits of On-Demand Service Apps

As we already know that on-demand mobile apps offers many benefits to the businesses, let us discuss them all:

1. Monitor Growth

The app allows easy growth monitoring about the order delivery, tracking time, client feedback, order cancellation, reporting, and other important information. 

2. Faster Customer Delivery

With on-demand delivery apps, the admin has the complete details about the incoming orders. When you streamline the process, the delivery agents can immediately pick up the order and deliver it much faster to the customers without any hassle.

3. Convenience

The convenience offered by the apps is beyond imagination. It allows the users to track the order in real-time, the user gets instant access to information, and there is a feature for advanced search. 

4. Excites the Investor

The concept of on-demand delivery apps is quite exciting, and as a result, there is more crowdfunding to increase your business footprints.

How do the On-demand Delivery Apps works?

Whatever business you run, the main goal of the on-demand applications is to fulfill the end-user needs. The user can order any product/service and get it delivered to their doorstep. The flow of the process is as follows: 

1. Request

The person who wants to seek the services can inquire and request for the same. The service-seeking process remains the same for almost all the processes.

2. Accept/Reject Request

The admin can accept/reject requests based on their schedules.

3. Payment Authorization

Once the admin accepts the request, they can make payment via the in-built payment gateways. It offers seamless service to the users.

4. Track

The user can track what is happening with their order. If the user feels something is wrong, they can immediately contact the service provider.

5. Delivery

It is the last step towards the service/product the user created. It means after the process, the user can review the services.

Trending on-demand apps with a good revenue 

1. Food Delivery Apps

The food delivery sector is one of the most crowded ones, and the growth is even rising more due to the pandemic. The on-demand delivery services allow the user to enjoy their favorite meals at their doorstep with just a matter of few clicks.

One of the examples of such applications is Postmates, which begin as a courier delivery business, and now the main focus is on food delivery.

2. Grocery Delivery Apps 

Just like the food delivery application, the grocery apps are now one of the leading apps that offer services at the doorstep of the users. The apps continue to boom as due to the pandemic scenario people consider buying online as the most preferred option rather than going to the stores. 

3. Transportation and Travel

The transportation and travel industry has now taken a sharp turn. With the help of on-demand apps, the customers can receive the parcels anywhere and anytime.

4. Healthcare Industry

The on-demand apps now show growth in the healthcare industry. With telemedicine, the customers can now visit the doctors instantly via the applications. The healthcare segment has seen tremendous growth. It will reach worth $52.2 billion by the end of 2026.

How can businesses apply for the on-demand delivery model?

There are two business models a business can apply an on-demand delivery model:

1. By partnering with a third-party on-demand delivery provider

You can partner with a third-party on-demand delivery app that offers the delivery of products to wider audiences and platforms. Once your platform gains popularity, you can rely on these service providers. Also, this helps to cut costs as you don’t have to set up your delivery program.

2. By building a dedicated app for your business purposes

It allows you to create an application and offer on-demand deliveries to the customers via the app itself. One of the examples of such an app is the AnyWare service by Domino.

Core Features of On-demand Delivery App

Here are a must features you should know to develop a generic on-demand delivery app. Let us discuss them all:

1. Account Registration

The users can register by simply filling out the details like email-id, contact no, password, and more. The users can also use their social media accounts to make the onboarding process simpler.

2. Order Tracking

With the in-built GPS feature, the user can track their order from time to time. It builds trust and also ensures there is complete satisfaction to the customers.

3. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway should be inbuilt and secure. It allows the users to make easy payments without filling in all the card details again and again. Ensure to offer digital wallet options to the users so that they can make the payment instantly.

4. Push Notifications

It has become one of the most crucial features of on-demand delivery apps. The push notifications let the user know about all the offers, discounts, alerts, and more.

5. Reviews & Ratings

Review and ratings are the main features that help to boost your business and make necessary changes. Here, the customers who already availed themselves of the services can leave their feedback.

6. Order History

This feature help users to check their previous orders and generate refund requests accordingly.

7. User Management

Here the admin can handle the customers, offer them discounts, communicate with the buyers about the orders and delivery. The admin should have a dashboard that manages all the information and helps run the business efficiently.

8. Real-Time Analytics

The admin can easily track the progress of the services they are making for the users.

Cost to Develop Pick-up and Delivery App

One thing that stresses the users the most is the cost of developing an on-demand mobile application. Well, it depends on various factors, and that includes:

1. The Platform you choose for the development.

2. The number and types of features you want to integrate.

3. Hourly Development Rates

4. Complexity of the App


The on-demand delivery application is showing incredible growth with the passing years. As people look for reliable services that can deliver cost-effective solutions, these apps are the need for every business.

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