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Friday Feeling! A Mood Booster Celebration To The Month-end

Friday Feeling! A Mood Booster Celebration To The Month-end

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.

Stress builds over time with the strict project deadlines and workload. It may lead to a decreased productivity, lack of focus, and other health conditions. As much as ToXSL employees love their job, they love the month-end celebrations too!

Celebrations like these can have a powerful impact on the office environment. It helps in employee engagement which in turn affects employee happiness, productivity, and longevity!

So, ToXSL ensures to throw the best events for the employees and makes use of the best time to build relationships with them when it arises. Before we go any further, let us have a glance and the fun icebreaker activities we had.

Fun Icebreaker Activities, We had

1. Bollywood Quiz for a True Film Buff

Can you recall the first movie Shahrukh Khan did? The first debut movie of Hrithik Roshan? Yes, these were a few questions of our Bollywood quiz round. There was a quick round of 10 questions, and we checked the knowledge that our employees possess for the vibrant Film Industry!

Well, it was a funny and interactive round, and almost every question was answered.


2. Musical Chair with the Managers

Playing musical chairs with the managers is not seen in our every month-end party. So we decided on a quick round for them! There was generally one sacrificial person, someone who didn’t get a chair: the scapegoat.

It was such a refreshing activity for all of them!


3. The Balloon Cup Stacking!

Well, it was such an interesting and fun game where the players blew a balloon to carry cups from one table to another and create a pyramid on the other side. The first player to collect all their cups and build the pyramid first was the winner.

The game seems simple, but trust me, it was not!


4. Office Awards and Recognitions

Employee recognition in the workplace is vital to keep them motivated. Even your best employees can not perform well if they are not appreciated. Therefore, we consider it an innate part of our company culture and acknowledge them for their exemplary performances.

Shiv Charan Panjeta, the CEO of the organization, delivered a motivational speech and recognized the substantial contribution of the employees at work while appreciating their efforts with rewards.


5. Bonding Together Over Food and Music

No celebration is done, without music and some refreshments. Bonding over the food gave the fuel to the employees to dance, laugh, and enjoy the event for its entire duration!


We understand the need for good mental health!

It was an amazing team-building event, and we always contribute to foster a productive and satisfactory work environment. Moreover, it also helps our employees to overcome challenges, build relationships, recover from setbacks and hardships.

All employees enjoyed Friday Evening and captured unlimited memories that they could never forget!