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Step-by-step Guide For Developing An Online Appointment Booking App From Scratch

Step-by-step Guide For Developing An Online Appointment Booking App From Scratch

The advent of the Internet and technology has made our lives much easier. The on-demand applications have eased day-to-day tasks, and people are now dependent on their mobile phones to do just about anything.

Whether it is about managing your business appointment or any other, these applications are becoming the key that helps to keep your staff calendar up to date while allowing the clients and the customers to book an appointment online. The application allows you to make an appointment for your favorite salon, doctor's clinic, dietician, or other places.

Are you planning to develop an online Appointment Booking Application for your business? This guide will help you the most. It covers all the crucial aspects and features which will help you get started with online appointment booking app development. Without waiting any further, let’s dive deep into the details!

What is Online Appointment Scheduling?

An online Appointment booking application helps the users to schedule, cancel, and reschedule their appointments. Moreover, with the seamless interviews scheduled, your business grows exponentially.

After the success of applications like Airbnb and Appointfix, entrepreneurs and investors are rushing to invest in these kinds of applications and looking forward to beating their competitors.

How does the Appointment Scheduling App works?

The busy schedules and convenience does not allow the users to stand in the long queues, and therefore they prefer to book their appointment on a prior basis.

Taking offline appointments may be another hectic task. Taking out the contact number, making the call, providing all the details is a daunting task.

With the appointment booking application, the process becomes streamlined and the workflows smoother. It enables the clients or customers to reschedule and cancel the appointment if they cannot make it on that day and time.

The availability of the entire month can display on the calendar, and an appointment can be fix based on any specific day and time.

The business owners can manage the appointment and can even cancel based on their schedules. It offers a revolutionary experience for both the users and the owners. Well, there are a lot of other benefits too. Let us discuss them one by one.

Benefits of developing an Appointment Booking App

If you want to develop an appointment booking application, you must be aware of all the benefits.

1. Increased Business Productivity

Online appointment booking applications help to improve the productivity of your business. Therefore, the staff can focus on more on-time services to the users. 

It frees your staff from the unnecessary phone calls answering, and users can easily schedule an appointment via the application.

2. Develop a relationship with the clients

An online scheduling system saves the time of the users. It serves as the most efficient way that allows the clients to get all the services without any hassle. A customer can even make a last-minute appointment and even when the schedule opens up.

3. Calendar syncing

All the appointment scheduling applications allow you to sync with the calendar. It allows gathering all the necessary information and checking for the holidays and closed dates. 

4. Fewer- No shows 

With the appointment booking application, there are more revenue-generating opportunities. It automatically sends reminders to the users for their upcoming appointments and sends them SMS and in-app notifications.

Best Appointment Scheduling App

1. Reservio

Reservio is one of the top-notch platforms for users to book appointments as it is easy to use, has a simple interface, and allows them to book an appointment any time. The application generates reports, and these reports help to evaluate the performance of the company.

2. Appointment

It is one of the interactive appointment scheduling platforms that allows the clients to schedule their appointment as per their needs and convenience. The platform supports booking for multiple locations and industries. It is secure so that other users do not have access, and they can only check for limited information.

3. Amelia

It is one of the excellent platforms that are easier to install, and it does not involve any hassle. Users can easily install the application and enjoy the free features and functionalities that the platform offers.

What all features to look for in an Appointment Booking App?

After going through the requirements and the top names in the market, for developing an online appointment booking app, let us go through the essential features you need.

1. Integrated Calendar 

A well displayed and easy-to-managed calendar is the key for the app. An easy-to-manage calendar with customization options helps the user keep track of his schedule and prepare ahead of time. Therefore, a well-managed calendar is a must for a seamless process.

2. Smart Search option

Advanced search options add value to your application. When the user is in a rush, the feature allows them to search quickly for the suggestions in the box. It offers convenience to the users, and they do not have to scroll down for all the options.

3. Real-Time Booking Option

The user can make the appointments as per the convenience that too in real-time. 

4. Integrated Payment 

The user might get irritated if there is no integrated payment gateway, or they have to enter their credit/debit card details again and again. Thus, the application should offer a secure payment gateway.

5. 24/7 Chat and Call Support 

Keeping the customer satisfied is the key to more retention and revenue. Therefore, to keep customers happy, the app should offer 24/7 online and phone support.

6. Booking cancelation policy 

Make sure a customer can cancel a booking with ease and with the least inconvenience possible. An easy booking cancelation process accompanied by a friendly email is a great tool to convert visitors into friends.

7. Review and Ratings 

It is the most important that makes your app a successful one. A reliable rating system helps the other users to make informed decisions more quickly and know what kind of services they offer. Positive feedback will influence other people to use your services. 

8. Email/Text Reminders

The users should be get reminded via email or text about their appointment.

9. Push Notifications 

A perfect notification system makes life easier for the end-users. It notifies about the check-in and check-out alerts, friendly reminders, or recommendations that can help to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Cost to develop an online Appointment Booking App

The next phase here is about hiring a professional team and knowing the cost of the development services. Several factors affect the cost of development. Here they are:

  • User needs and expectations
  • Latest features and functionalities
  • UI/UX
  • A platform for the App Development
  • Hourly Rates and Development Team
  • Post-launch support and maintenance


If you are looking forward to your business growth and increased visibility, then an online appointment booking app is a perfect platform. The businesses must analyze the competitors and market trends periodically for the development of an Appointment Booking App

ToXSL has a promising history of designing and developing result-oriented online booking apps for startups and enterprises. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!