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Ultimate Guide To Developing A Real Estate Business App

Ultimate Guide To Developing A Real Estate Business App

While shifting to a new location or a city for whatsoever reason, people face challenges, and one of them is hunting for a house. Do you recall those days when you had to request brokers or roam around to find accommodation? 

These brokers and agents charge hefty amounts and do not ensure whether the accommodation is as per the needs of the user or not.

With the development of real-estate applications, the problem has been resolved to a great extent. People find it much more convenient to look out for their needs in these applications. The applications give you clear insights along with all the possible information you need to buy accommodation.

People are now showing keen interest in installing these applications on their devices. 

This article will discuss how real estate applications have transformed the industry, how it benefits users real estate applications have transformed the industry, how it benefits users, and businesses, the cost of development, and much more.

Real Estate Trends

More users now prefer to use real estate applications to search for properties to buy or rent progressively.

  • In 2025, the global real estate market is expected to reach a revenue of $4263.7 billion.
  • As per a report from the National Association of Realtors, around 44% of the users do check real estate applications to find a property. Also, 81% of Older Millennials, 80% of Younger Millennials, and 78% of Generation X found their home on a mobile device.
  • Around 70% of the real estate app active users use the application at least three times a week.
  • In the US only, around 80% of property buyers prefer to use real estate mobile applications and hire good agents.
  • The graph represents all the popular real-estate applications based on the unique monthly visits by the users.


Why does your Real Estate business need a mobile app?

A digital tool for all businesses is now the need of the hour. It emerges and offers an easy way to help customers to rent/search for the property. 

Let’s check out all the benefits that the real estate mobile applications offer:

1. Allows Fast Property Search

It allows your clients to search for any property more conveniently and efficiently. 

The application allows the users to search and find all the property details, such as the price, images, area, and more. The advanced search box allows you to filter and helps to boost the experience of the user. 

2. Enhanced Customer Support 

Communication is the key for any business. With the real estate mobile applications, you can maintain constant contact with the customers whatever time it is. And it would keep your customers updated with all the relevant information. Also, you can get in touch with the realtors anytime.

3. Increased Sales

With the use of customized real estate applications, the sales process is accelerating. Whether you are looking forward to buying a house or other property, the use of the latest technology accelerates the entire process for the users. The clients who wish to buy the property can book their slot and reap the benefits.

4. Building Identity of the Brand

For any business, brand identity is the most important that helps your business grow in the competitive market. So ensure you have an engaging application so that you can attract more buyers. A personalized real estate application would help your brand to build a robust brand identity.

Types of Trending Real Estate Applications 

There is a huge demand for properties and real-estate applications, which have paved the way for entrepreneurs to invest in these apps. There are different types of apps for the real-estate business. 

Let’s take a look at all the categories of real estate:

1. App for your house hunting/renting

This type of application allows you to list the properties and search for the real estate objects for renting or buying, based on location, budget, city, and many more characteristics. 

2. Apps for Real Estate Agents

Application for real estate agents serves different purposes, whether you want a streamlined communication with the agent or with the client for the documents and other property-related issues. 

These applications help to reduce the work of the agent and free them from the tiring paperwork. 

3. Property Management Apps

Managing a property becomes difficult for the agents if you are working with a lot of property objects. So developing an app that helps manage your property is a crucial option that offers you all the insights into the listings of properties at any time.

4. Real Estate Marketing Apps

Marketing for every business is the essential factor that allows the owners and agents to sell the property most uniquely. To develop an innovative solution, you must have a real estate mobile app development company, and ToXSL is one of them. You can contact us for a detailed consultation.

Top Trending Real Estate Apps in the Market


Key Features of On-demand Real Estate Business Apps

To create an on-demand real estate app, you must be aware of all the features you want to integrate into your application.

1. Social Login & Sign Up

The sign-up system should be easy and convenient with filling out your email, contact number, and other details. An alternate such as social media sign-in should be there for the users to sign in. 

2. Behaviour Tracking

With this feature, the developers or the company can assess the behavior of an app user. And offer them the leads as per their search.

3. Advanced Search Functionality

A structured filtered search can hugely increase an application’s UX, and it is a must for the ease of the users. 

4. Push Notifications

It offers a perfect marketing opportunity for the apps and helps users stay updated about the new properties or any other information within the app.

5. 3D Property View

A high rehigh-resolution view of the property allows the users to visit the property virtually without going to the site location.

6. Map View

Information about neighborhoods plays a significant role in any real estate app. With this feature, homebuyers can check out the community and surroundings.

7. Real-Time Messaging

The agents and homebuyers should have an instant messaging or calling option to communicate with each other.

8. Interest Rate Calculators

The feature allows the user homebuyers to check and calculate the interest rates offered by different banks.

9. Mortgage EMI Calculator

The app assists the users in calculating the EMI they would have to play against a loan on the property.

10. Real-time Analytics

The feature notifies the app owner whenever the user shows some interest in the property listed under it.

Monetization Opportunities for Real Estate Apps

Now, how can your real-estate applications generate money? Here are the monetization opportunities offered by real-estate applications.

1. Featured Listing

With the featured listing option, the seller can list their ad to display on the top. Moreover, it allows the seller to put their posts for more visibility, and the app owner, in turn, is paid.

2. Advertisements

Third-party advertisement is one of the most effective ways of making money. It allows app owners to charge a decent amount of money from the companies to advertise on their platform.

3. Commission 

After finalizing the deal, the app owner can charge a commission from the property owner and the buyer which helps them to make a decent income. 

4. Premium Subscription

It allows users to buy monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plans. The user can stick to these plans for whatever time they want, and they can pay accordingly.

Cost of Real Estate App Development

Whether you are a startup or an established entrepreneur, the cost of developing an app plays the most crucial role. But in the case of real estate app development, you can predict the cost of developing an app. It depends on several factors. Some of them are:

1. Platform for the app development (iOS, Android, Hybrid)

2. Features you wish to integrate 

3. App Complexity

4. The customization in the app

5. APIs Integration


The evolution of mobile phones and applications has made it much easier for people to look out for properties they wish to buy. What you need is the right and realistic approach to developing your app.

ToXSL is a leading and cost-effective mobile app development company with full-stack expertise in real estate applications. We ensure to follow an agile methodology and get the best on-demand app development for your real-estate business!