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Boost Your Matchmaking Business With Matrimonial Mobile Application

Boost Your Matchmaking Business With Matrimonial Mobile Application

Marriages are the topmost priority in every society, and it becomes vital to ensure that the two partners match each other. In a world where everything is dependent on technology, matrimonial mobile applications are not left behind. Everything is available at just a click away, and in the busy lives of people have a platform like a matrimony app is a great idea!

People prefer to search for their perfect match on the Internet, and matrimonial applications are the best solutions. Applications like Shaadi.com and Jeevansathi are quite popular applications that help you find your desired and perfect partner.

The application includes all the details along with pictures, bio-data of the bride and groom. Also, keep all the user's details confidential. 

Well-developing such a feature-rich and secure application require a skilled team of developers. You must consider determining features and functionalities. Below are the detailed and comprehensive market, cost, benefits, and features of an online Matrimony application. 

Market Size and Stats of Matrimony Mobile Application 

As per a report in India, there are around five million marriages every year, stacking up $250 million. The stats indicate this is an imperative business to invest in, as it is an ever-growing field no matter what.  

  • The Indian dating website matrimony.com recorded an average of 463 page views per visitor. 
  • More than 10 million Indians every day search for their brides and grooms via matrimonial applications
  • The online matrimony business has seen a growth of around 25-30% every year.
  • Mobile penetration in 2015 was 52.5% and will reach up to 63.5% in the coming years.


Benefits of On-demand Matrimony App

There are many benefits of matrimony applications. The applications reduce the burden of the parents of finding the right match for their children.  

The app registration process is quite simple. The users need to create a profile and register themselves. It allows them to view all other associated profiles and choose the right partner. Here are some more benefits of mobile app development:

  • It offers users to apply all the filters and select the partner as per caste, religion, qualification, and other features.
  • It helps to secure user profiles and offer protection.
  • The apps provide a great source of marketing and advertising.
  • An app attracts more audiences.
  • It allows the user to browse so many profiles at the same time.

Popular Matrimony Mobile Apps & Services in the Market

In the past years, tons of matrimonial projects on the screen. But not all the applications have gained as much importance and preference. 

Here are some of the matrimony applications that have gained huge user attention and audiences as well.

1. Bharat Matrimony 

The app has been offering matrimonial services to users for more than a decade. It has become quite a popular platform. The platform has two categories. One is elite, and the other is the busy professionals. The user needs to register with the application, which is quite simple. Once the user registers, they can check for other users.

2. Jeevansathi.com

Jeevansathi.com is another trending platform that has emerged as one of the most trusted platforms to find a suitable match. It has established itself as one of the leaders in the industry and is secure for users. The platform is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Way to Nikah 

It is for all the Muslim community. Along with the protection of sensitive data, the platform helps to keep all your data secured. The platform is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms. 

4. Shaadi.com

It is one of the largest online matchmaking sites with a better objective to find the most suitable match for the bride and groom. The company was launched in 1996 and continues to lead the exciting matrimony category after more than a decade.

Stages of a Matrimonial App Development 

1. Choosing the App Platform

The app needs a solid platform first. Choosing between the iOS and Android app is an easy option. The iOS application costs less than the Android application. Hybrid apps are also a perfect option that offers the best platform for your app.

2. Designing the Application

The design of the application is crucial to attracting customers. So it becomes vital to have a perfect UI/UX for the mobile application. Mobile applications should focus on design and ensure it has the best features and functionalities.

3. Deciding the Size of the App

Some features and functionalities are crucial. The size of the app focuses on the extent to which the app has basic and advanced features.

4. Developer Expertise and Location

The developers and expertise vary as per the experience level of the mobile app development team. As a company that hires a skilled and talented expert, the app development company is a cut above the rest.

5. Payment Integration

With the integrated mobile payment wallets, the app ensures a secured and hassle-free payment. There may be an additional cost as per the benefits added by the user.

Features of Matrimonial Mobile Application

1. Login

Users can register themselves using their mail ID and mobile number. There should be social media sign-in options as well.

2. Add to Favorite

With this feature, the users can save profiles of persons they like and are interested in finding a perfect match.

3. Add Images from your Phone

The matrimonial application should allow users to add images from their phones. They can add pictures to their profiles and share them with different persons. 

4. Allow Social Media Integration

With inbuilt social media options, users get a better choice to see the social media profiles of others they want to. 

5. In-app Chat and Calling Option 

With this feature, the users can chat and call other users within the application. It allows streamlined communication. 

6. Allow In-App Camera

It is one of the best features. That allows the users to click and share as many pictures straight from their camera users. 

7. Integrate GPS

GPS is one of the crucial features in the matrimonial application as it allows them to find all the nearby matches and places.

8. Different Payment Gateway Option

You can add different payment options for the users to purchase your premium membership in the application. 

9. Give Search and Filter Option

This feature will help the users to search the users according to their requirements. 

10. Integrate OTP (One Time Password)

When a new user signs up in your application, a one-time password should be generated automatically and sent to them.

11. Privacy of Users 

Privacy is most important in matrimony sites. You have to allow the app users to block the other profiles, sending unnecessary messages and calls. 

Cost of Developing a Matrimonial App like Shaadi.com 

1. Functionality and app purpose 

Matrimonial apps can be extensive. The development price depends on how complicated the app is. With the proper value for money proposition, our team of experts offers affordable yet quality matrimonial apps.

2. App Designing

Matrimonial apps have enticing UX and UI. These play a critical role in impacting app use and attracting customers. The right approach to app design starts from prioritizing customer needs.

3. Various App Platforms & Integration

At early stage integration, the right app platform may demand extra effort. But you can save time and money by choosing a quality service provider.


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