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ToXSL Is Expanding Its Office Space!

ToXSL Is Expanding Its Office Space!

ToXSL feels delighted to announce the expansion of the office premises! The hard work and dedication of the employees have lead to cross another milestone and obtain additional space in the existing building.

The company extends to boost its presence in the global digital market. There is ample space for the teams to now grow and achieve the goals!

The physical work environment is the most crucial aspect and means employee comfort. We have the most spacious and comfortable working space, in the Tri-City. We do not have a crowded area here and ensure every employee has enough workspace to settle and grow.  It helps the employees stay grounded and settle into a work environment that brings out their best.

Our office space has been increased to 25,000 sq feet, completely refurbished. We have now added 300 more seats, with a total capacity of 550 employees. It leads to a wealth of new digital job opportunities at ToXSL!

From the reception to the cafeteria, our expansion is diligent. The teams are settled in, and we are still adding small fixtures and updates day by day.

So what’s new, is added? Let’s Dig Deep!

We are incredibly thrilled to dig deeper and introduce everyone to our new office space to see who we are”.

1. Main office space expansion

We started with a small team and office premises, there came a time we lacked space! Well, that was a proud moment for all of us. To accommodate the new talent, we expanded our facilities!

ToXSL Office

2. The Conference Rooms

A big table, a bunch of chairs, is how the post-pandemic conference room should look alike. ToXSL ensures the appropriate meeting space for its employees. No matter how many people are there for a meeting, our conference rooms can accommodate enough, which ensures individual comfort.

Everyone is excited about the space, as our weekly/monthly meetings are held here!

3. The ToXSL Cafeteria

And welcome to the ToXSL cafeteria! You can grab your lunch, relax with a cup of tea or coffee, grab a quick snack, and whatnot.

toxsl cafeteria

4. Refurbing the Reception Area

We all know the reception is the most vital space as it gives the first impression to the visitors. And it often lasts for a long time!

Have a glance at the reception area, both from the front and the back entrance to welcome the guests.

ToXSL Reception

5. Cool Chill-Out Play Zone

We do not leave a stone unturned to make our employees feel comfortable during office hours. So we introduced a cool chill-out play area where they can chill, get together for recreational activities. It is one smart move to encourage movement and collaboration among employees.

6. The Training Area

Over the years, with hard work and dedication, we have offered Industrial Training in Mohali for the graduates. As the trainees increased, we expanded our facilities too! With the latest and advanced infrastructure, we ensure our trainees get the comfort they need. Have a quick look at the pictures.

ToXSL training Area


The Journey continues towards growth!

Our expansion included high-tech facilities, comfortable amenities, and much more for our employees, trainees, and guests. But the most important part here is our people and employees who make the place lovable and fun to work at. Our team is full of creative, hardworking, talented, and experienced people!

As already mentioned, with the expansion of facilities we continue to enlarge our team, and welcome the new joiners! Do not forget to check the open positions.

We thank everyone who has been there for us and helped us grow into a successful business!