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Ultimate Guide To Developing A Quiz App in 2021

Ultimate Guide To Developing A Quiz App in 2021

Every service nowadays can be availed by mobile apps. Whether it is shopping, online food ordering, booking services, or more. When it comes to gaining knowledge, Quiz applications have got a lot of popularity.

The students love to compete with one another and during the pandemic when students are unable to take offline lessons; these apps offer the ultimate solutions. Also, as per the recent study, 62.78% of the popular gaming genre is quizzes.

To gain the appropriate knowledge on any niche, these apps are the most suitable that allows the user to check their knowledge and ability through the quiz questions. With 470 million smartphones in the country and 735 million Internet users by 2021, the gaming industry is expected to raise $1 billion in 2021. Here is an ultimate guide of how the quiz app works all the essential features, benefits, and costs of developing such an app.

Why are Quiz Apps most popular?

It has become the mentality of people that the quiz applications help to create curiosity and increase their mental ability. Here the users are assigned quick questions where they are given a particular time to complete the set and answer the questions.

The teachers now conduct quiz tests to know what knowledge the students have gained and where they stand. The competition among the students forces them to perform better. It is also used by most organizations to check the basic knowledge of the candidate they are hiring.

Benefits of Online Quiz Application 

1. Large no of participants at once

If you are conducting the quiz for a larger audience with a huge geographical area, the online quiz makes it possible and easier. It allows you to conduct the quiz freely without having to worry about the user's location. When everything is online, the expenses of administrating such as collecting pen, paper, and hiring an invigilator are reduced.

2. Can be given without Instructor

Since the quiz is virtual, employees can take them on their own time without the need of someone acting as a proctor.

Since the quiz is conducted online and is virtual, the users do not any instructor to take the quiz and can do it on their own.

 3. Records can be searched easily

There is no need of storing the user data in the physical card. The online quiz applications themselves save all the crucial data that is required and is easy to search.

4. Randomized Questions

The online quiz creates a question bank, where the random questions are assigned to the user. But with the offline pattern, throwing up random questions and answers would be a nightmare for the organizers.

Tips to build a successful Quiz Mobile App

1. Simple interface

Keep the UI/UX of the Quiz app simple. As the app does not require awesome graphics, because it is a question/answering app, keep the design simple. You can add additional graphics if the quiz is live.

2. Low Latency

 Ensure the app has low latency. That means the time between users’ actions and the app’s response should be very low.

3. Regular Updates

Keeps your app updated, so that your users never feel bored.

4. App Development Service Provider

Ensure you choose the right organization with prior experience before hiring an App development company. Ask for a portfolio and do check what types of projects they have worked on.

What are the different types of Quiz App?

1. For Educational Purposes

 Quiz applications for educational purposes have gained huge momentum. It is used by schools, institutions, especially during the pandemic period. The app allows tracking the growth and what knowledge they have gained during the period.

2. For E-learning

These apps include several features that contain information and a questionnaire of all the subjects. The user can attempt the questions and check their knowledge. There are different levels the user has to cross to reach their goal.

 3. For Sports

If you are a sports lover then the application is for you. Whether it is cricket, football or hockey, the users get questions related to the same. It is basically for sports lovers.

 4. For General Knowledge 

They are a lot of people who prepare for competitive exams nowadays. These apps are used by people with an interest in competing for different service exams. It has different sections such as English, General Knowledge, and more. 

 5. For App Interviews

This kind of Quiz App is used by some industries or companies to evaluate the people who are coming for the interviews.

Best Quiz Mobile Apps in the Market

Here are some of the popular platforms that have a huge customer base:

  • Live.me
  • HQ Trivia
  • QuizUp
  • Loco

Before beginning your app development project ensure to have a look at these Quiz Mobile applications.  Then you can decide what features you can add to stand robust in the competitive market.

What are the basic features of a Quiz App?

Features of a quiz application depend mainly on the type of the app. However, some common features of the app include:

1. Signup/Sign-in

This feature allows the user to create an account. The sign-up should be simple for the users where they enter their email, contact number and create an account. They can also sign up via social media credentials such as Facebook, Gmail, and more.

2. Select Topic

This feature allows the students to select a topic of their interest and conduct quizzes related to the topic selected.

3. Daily Tasks/Challenges

Offering daily tasks and challenges to the user helps in user engagement. You can offer reward points if they win the challenge competition. This creates curiosity among the users and also helps in their retention.

4. Offer Rewards

With the rewards, your users can stay engaged. Therefore, you can offer them rewards after completion of different milestones.

5. Select Language 

It gives the user to select any language of their choice. So users from any part of the world can take part in the quiz while selecting their preferred language. 

To make your app stand out, you can add advanced features like social media sharing, streaming, user discussion, and more. This will ultimately attract more users to the application.

How does the Quiz App Make Profit?

The ultimate goal of developing an app is earning profit through it, therefore choosing the right monetization becomes of utmost importance. Whether it is an education app, quiz app, or other mobile application, it is vital to ensure maximum ROI. The only way to earn money via quiz applications is via in-app advertisements. It allows the app owners to display various party services/products on their platform and earn a commission. Other methods include:

· Collaborating with many other services like the educational institute.

· By running promotional ads.

How much does it cost to build a Quiz App?

A robust mobile app development company can only offer you the cost of developing a quiz application when the basic features and major factors are known. The main factors that decide the cost of developing an app are:

  • On which platform do you want to release the app
  • Features and functionalities of the app
    a) The complexity of the app
    b) UI/UX design of the app
  • Geographical location of a development company
    a) Number of hours
  • Type of quiz application

An approximate cost of creating a quiz app would be between US $10,000-US $30,000. This may vary depending on your specific app requirements.

Winding up!

The quiz applications have taken a tremendous place in the mobile app industry for the last few decades. The apps have a huge target audience and the demand continues to rise more because of the Corona outbreak. Therefore, developing a quiz app for startups is an awesome idea.

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