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Cost Of Developing On-Demand Car Wash Mobile App

Cost Of Developing On-Demand Car Wash Mobile App

With digitalization and on-demand applications, it has become easier for people to avail all sorts of services. Among all the day-to-day services, the car wash applications are in high demand in the global market.

In today’s world, the concept of on-demand car wash applications allows people to avoid the long queues and get their car washed anytime, anywhere. Simply installing the application and booking the slots for the washing offers the ultimate solution. The services have shown a lot of popularity in recent times and people enjoy the support of apps and getting their cars washed at home.

Want your users to easily avail of these services? The best way is to offer users an app that allows the service provider to come to your door at the scheduled time and location. Here are all the details of how you can develop an on-demand car wash app for your users and offer them the best services.

Trends and Stats of On-demand Car-Wash App Development

The demand for car wash applications was projected to grow at USD 34.19 billion in 2019. In the year 2025, it is estimated to be USD 41.0 billion.

  • In the United States, 75% of car owners claim to get their washed and avail themselves of these services.
  • There are around 16,000 car wash services in the United States only and their revenue per year was $9 billion.
  • Around 60% of the car owners are using car washing services while generating a
  • Here is the industry revenue of the car wash applications up to the year 2020; the growth is predicted to rise continuously.



Top Car-wash Mobile App Leaders in the Market


Why developing an on-demand car-wash App is a must?

In case you are not satisfied with the statistics, we have listed the top benefits which will help you to start developing your car wash app.

1. Maximizes the ability of your company 

2. Helps in generating decent revenue

3. Offers Outstanding Customer Service

4. Prevents User Inconvenience

How does an on-demand car wash app works?

1. The customers can install the app, register their accounts using their mobile and email addresses.

2. The users can check for the best nearby service providers.

3. The service provider can accept or reject the request of the customer based on their schedules.

4. Once the request is accepted by the services provider, the customer gets notified.

5. The cleaner tracks the location of the customer via navigation and reaches the location at the scheduled time.

6. Once the service is done, the customer can make the payment as the app offers many digitized payment methods.

7. Both the service provider and customer can rate each other services.


Features of On-demand Car Wash Application

Here are the crucial features and functionalities you must include in your car wash app development project:

Customer Panel

1. Sign up/Login 

Here the customers need to log in to access the app, the onboarding process should be simple otherwise the customers would leave the page. Offering social media login is a great alternative that helps the user to log in instantly.

2. Packages for Customers

The app should offer special and different categories of packages to the customers. This can be weekly, monthly or annual basis so that the customers do not have to pay again and again.

3. Pricing 

The app should allow users to select services of their own and customize them while making the payments accordingly.

4. Real-time tracking

With the real-time tracking option, the users and retailers can both maintain transparency. It is one of the most needed features in your on-demand app. 

5. Chat and calling

The user should be able to figure out ways to get in touch with the car washers and if there is any query the user can resolve instantly.

6. Calculation of the cost

The cost calculation feature helps the user to understand the price of the services they availed. The users can add only those services to their list. 

7. Reviews and ratings

The users can review the services. It allows other users to read reviews of any kind of service before putting their money in it.

Detailer Features

1. Service location

The car washer can choose the locations as per their convenience, this restricts their services to the locations they don’t want to give services to.

2. Accept/Reject requests

A car washing service should have the right to accept or deny orders based on the schedules of the worker.

3. Service status

The service providers must give each customer the status of their service’s proceedings.

4. Push notifications

With push notifications, car washing companies can aware their customers at any time of the latest updates. Also, it gives them regular reminders without any worries.

Admin Panel

1. Manage User Registration

The admin dashboard has all the details about the users, the service providers and thus helps in easy monitoring. 

2. Manage Service Time Zones

It is the responsibility of the admin to ensure that users can get connected to the service provider and manage the services accordingly.

3. Manage Payments

Managing a list of customers who made payments in real-time, service providers who requested the fee, and more can be controlled. 

4. Manage Ratings and Reviews

The admin is the one who manages the reviews of both the customers and the service provider. The genuine feedbacks work appropriately keeping the best business interest in mind.

Types of On-demand Car Wash Apps

1. Aggregator Applications

Aggregator applications are the ones where the different car-washing providers can list their services under one roof. The platform allows all the local retailers to enlist their services while charging money from them. Here they are directly redirected to the service provider page or provide their details so that the customers can directly contact them and avail of their services. The app owner does not necessarily need to have their own, they can simply make the retailers and customers contact each other.

2. Dedicated Mobile Applications

Dedicated mobile applications are the most popular types for organizations that have a name and in the market for a long time. With the help of mobile applications, these organizations can make the users aware of the different features to the customers and let them use them. The mobile applications attract more customers and make it easier for them to avail themselves of the services.

Revenue Model for On-Demand Car Wash Service App

Wondering how these applications make money? Well, here are the monetization methods that allow the car-wash app owners to earn a decent amount of income:

1. Advertisements

To earn a decent amount of income, the owner of the car washing app can promote services/products of a third party on their platform. This can display their ads in a limited space below and for every user that clicks on the ads and app owner can earn a commission. This allows the app owners to earn a significant amount of money.

2. Sponsorship

 While you work hard to offer efficient services to the users, there should be no harm in promoting other organizations and their services. Collaborating with them, allows the users to earn a decent amount of income.


How much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Carwash Mobile App?

Calculating the exact cost of developing an app is a tough job and one cannot predict the exact cost of the app. However, several factors affect the cost of developing an app. Here they are:

  • The complication of the app
  • Size and features of the app
  • A platform for App Development
  • API’s Integration
  • Hourly rates

Looking forward to knowing the exact cost of developing an On-demand car wash application? Discuss your requirements with us, we will give you an estimated cost of your project.


The trend of on-demand car wash app is tremendously increasing. For the business to succeed, it is vital to ensure they reach the right mobile app development company. Hiring the right team of developers would help the businesses grow.

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So, if you are prepared to enter the market with a car wash mobile application, then rely on us!