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How To Build An Instant Messaging App Like Whatsapp?

How To Build An Instant Messaging App Like Whatsapp?

Social media and messaging apps have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, or Whatsapp there is a rapid growth of the social networks. Chatting applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram have changed the way we used to communicate with friends, family, and employees.

The messaging apps are not only used for entertainment purposes only. They also improve engagement, workplace communication during the time of pandemic outbreaks where remote working is the trend. Therefore, it becomes vital to develop real-time chat applications with 24/7 assistance that lets the users get information within seconds.

As per research, the user base of Whatsapp has surpassed 1.5 billion and  became the most used platform for its unique functionality and ease of use. Want to develop a Whatsapp clone and want to get the same popularity? Roll on your sleeves and read the blog to find out how to develop a perfect chat messenger application like Whatsapp.

Market State of the Chat Applications

Before moving further with the development process of a messaging app, let’s take time and have a look at the chat applications statistics, app market, and share:

  • The messenger app market continues to thrive and by 2025 four out of five mobile connections will be made with the smartphone.
  • Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with around 1.6 billion monthly users.
  • More than 50% of the users mostly communicate via messaging apps for communication with friends and acquaintances.
  • The revenue generated by such apps is huge. This will bring a revolution in the industry.


The stats predict the most popular global mobile messenger applications, based on the active users.



Benefits of Developing a Messenger App 

The messaging apps help to simplify communication. Here are other crucial benefits of developing a messenger application.

1. Real-Time Communication 

Gone are the traditional days when we used emails for communication. An e-mail chain can be difficult to navigate and does not offer real-time communication.

Messaging apps allow the users to directly share images, files, or any other things. It also allows the users to send direct messages, chat in groups. Nowadays, the apps are even more in the trend as it allows the teams to communicate via video conferencing and discuss all their issues.

2. Increased Productivity 

Some applications hinder productivity, but the messenger applications make communication easier, eliminates the unproductive meeting time, and much more.

3. File Storage and Sharing

The messaging applications have an ability that allows sharing files and storing them in the cloud that could be easily searched. The files can be shared anytime, anywhere, and can be accessed anytime when they want.

Must-have functionality for a Messenger Apps

1. Instant Messaging

2. Voice and Video Call

3. Authorization

4. Media File Sharing


Challenges of Building an App like WhatsApp

Now when you know the benefits and market growth of the app, let’s look at challenges you can face while building a messaging app.

1. Retaining and engaging users

User retention and engagement are the most leading factors that decide the success of your app. Today, Whatsapp and Telegram have gained momentum because the app holds quality to retain users.

To stand out in the competitive market, the app must be appealing to the users to grab their attention of users. Hire an expert technical team otherwise, the app would have a lower retention rate.

2. Security Issues

Offering security to the users is another most important factor and challenge faced when you develop a messaging application. People lookout for a secure way of communication. Users are concerned about their important documents, files and would never love the information to be transmitted over the Internet.

3. Handling Globally 

The messenger applications allow the users to chat globally. Therefore, developing an app keeping all this in mind is crucial


How to Monetize Your App?

1. Advertising

 The monetization method offers the simplest way to generate revenue. Run advertisement for third parties, such as the ones found on Instagram, is a great option to earn. These apps are very less likely to disrupt the user’s experience on the app.

 2. Subscription Based

 You can add a monthly or annual subscription-based model when your app gets huge popularity. Offer a free trial to the users in the beginning. Once the users started to develop an interest in your app and their trial period is over, they need to subscribe. 

3. In-App Purchases

With this monetization model, you can sell some extra pr premium features. Don’t offer all the features for free. For all these models to be successful, make awareness about your application at the beginning with some unique and valuable features.

4. Sponsorship

This is another approach to monetization that not only helps to boost up your revenue, but also lets you partner with the advertiser while increasing your app awareness.


Determine What Features Your Chat Application Needs

The Basic Features

 1. Log in to the App

When the first time a user opens the app, you need to sign in and create a WhatsApp account by providing one's phone number or email address. The user can also sign in via their social media credentials.

2. Profile customization

Once the user logs in to their profiles, they can create a profile of their own. This allows them to add their names, pictures, interest, status, and more. People can see who all are online, their status, last seen, and more.

3. Contact Integration

A very important feature for the messenger application is enabling contact integration. The user can integrate contacts from the list and synchronize them with the app. This allows the user to chat instantly with their friends without any interruption.

4. Text Messaging

For instant messaging, the user needs to be online. The app displays the status of the user and lets other users know if the message is delivered and read by the user in real-time. The feature offers a perfect solution for streamlined communication.

5. Group Chats

Group chats have become the need of the hour. The pandemic forced the individuals to work from home and with this feature the entire team can chat and communicate while solving all their business issues. It allows the users to stay connected with friends and families too.

6. Voice and Video Calls

This is the most loved feature by the users and also available on a successful chat app. A video call feature is the most used among the users that offer personal connectivity among the users.

7. Notifications

Push notifications are crucial for any app. It allows the user to know about any incoming message, notification instantly.

8. Media File Transmission

No messaging app is complete if it doesn’t allow users to share media files. So ensure to integrate this feature for sure!


Advanced Set of Features

1. Location Sharing

Integrating GPS features allows the user to share location in real-time. Ensure this feature is made easy for the users so that they can go to the settings option and turn it on and off anytime.

2. Scheduled Messages

The users can schedule the messages in advance if they don’t want to send them now. This can be done on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other reminder you want to set.


Cost of Developing an App like Whatsapp

Let us take a look at the points with the main features for a WhatsApp clone and the estimation in hours. Here are the important factors:

· Multimedia file transmission option

· Platform for App Development

· Technology Stack

· Number of hours and Development team

· Features and Functionalities

The approximate cost to create a WhatsApp app depends on the number of features, but an essential estimation based on developers' assumptions starts from USD 25,000.


Winding up!

The messaging applications show a continuous evolution and yes, the chance to build a Whatsapp-like application still exists. Our developers will implement the functionality and the design of your application.

Looking for a development team to build an app keeping all your business ideas in mind? You are at the right place. Contact our business development team and get a free consultation now!