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Complete Guide To Develop A Meditation App For Reducing Stress

Complete Guide To Develop A Meditation App For Reducing Stress

Stress is the most common disease every third person has in the 21st century. This may be because of their busy schedules, monotonous routines, financial crisis, or other reasons. It becomes vital to reduce the daily stress of individuals especially when they can move out of their homes due to the pandemic. To reduce the daily stress people look out for digital solutions that help to reduce their stress and stay calm during hard times.

Yes, the meditation apps come to the rescue. As per Statista reports, the meditation market had a worth around 1.21 billion, but now is growing exponentially. It is predicted to be worth 2 billion by 2022. This indicates the scope of mindfulness apps is high. With unlimited benefits meditation is becoming the pro-solution helping people which ultimately leads to the emergence of the applications.

This brings the major concern, how to create your on-demand meditation app like Headspace and allow users to leverage the advantages. If you are looking out for ways to build your meditation app, then this article covers all the details including its benefits, cost, features, statistics, and a lot more.

What is Mindfulness Application?

As per research from experts, the mindfulness app has a positive impact on human health. Not only it calms you down but also relieves all your stress, makes you happier, lets you focus and concentrate on things easily. Therefore, the business owners are planning simple and convenient applications for the users that can be used in any location you are. They are set with different goals, activities, and plans.


Yoga Apps Market Growth and Prospects

As per a report from Fact.MR, the meditation apps are supposed to grow at a CAGR of around 8.6% by 2029. The US is the biggest market for meditation apps with potential users. Also, the report from National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that around 18 million US adults are using meditation apps to improve their well-being.

Here are a few reasons why people prefer practicing meditation:

  • App Annie's research says that Calm is one of the highest-earning healths and fitness applications on the iOS platform.
  • The calm app made revenue of around $4 million in 2020.
  • The meditation app development market is expected to grow to $4,337.95 Million by 2027.
  • Around 20 million Americans do suffer from Depression.



Why do People look for Meditation Apps?

The apps are being popular these days because of the pandemic. People are worried about their mental health and physical health as well. Here are the reasons people look for meditation apps:

1. Improve self-awareness

The applications help you to discover your positive side and encourage you to slow down. It also boosts self-awareness and helps you to cope with social anxiety. 

2. Helps Reduce Stress

Human life is prone to stress levels. With the mindfulness applications, the level of cortisol is reduced and therefore it helps you to feel more relaxed. 

3. Manage Anxiety and Depression 

Depression is the major concern almost every individual has. The Yoga and meditation applications help the users to train their minds so that they can focus on their present and lead a cheerful and happy life free from depression.

4. Helps Fight Addiction 

With the Yoga and meditation apps, the brain receptors are altered and if you are addicted to drugs, smoking, alcohol the apps are for you. It also manages your cravings and allows you to manage them in a better way.


Monetization Strategies for Meditation Apps

1. Paid Downloads

Paid downloads work well for popular applications. If you have just launched your application, offer free downloads to the users. Once they started liking the application, they are ready to pay as well. So, therefore, once your app gets enough popularity with many active users, you can make it paid for the other users.

2. In-App Purchases

In this monetization model, the app users are required to pay for unlocking premium content, like some specific meditation session packs, or paid features.

3. Subscription Model

Subscription-based monetization is quite an in trend now. Here the users can choose the special plans, select their plans, the amount of content they need, the price they need, etc. 


Examples of Top Meditation Apps

1. Calm

One of the unique advantages offered by the application is that it offers users to listen to the stories and quotes that are narrated by famous people. The people can listen to their favorite tracks as well. The color and design soothe the users. The app also helps the users to solve their anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness issues.

2. Headspace

Headspace is among the most popular and downloaded meditation applications in the US. It is the trendiest application that offers a user-friendly interface. Therefore, the app attracts most of the users and with its unique features that help people to relax.

3. Buddhify

It is one of the most convenient meditation applications that allows you to rest where ever the user wants. 


Features To Include in a Meditation & Mindfulness App

Now, let us discuss the list of top features for developing on-demand meditation applications. Here they are:

1. Onboarding 

This is the first step when the user downloads the application. Keep in mind the sign-up process for the user should be as simple as possible so that the user does get unfrustrated. The registration page should ask to create a username and password. It should also offer sign-in via social media credentials.

2. Personal profile

Every user has a different set of demands. So this feature helps users customize and personalize their profile. They can add pictures, status, hobbies, add subscription packages and enable notifications if they wish to. Here the users can be asked if they want to avail of the premium features.

3. Sleep Stories 

It should allow the users to keep a track of their sleeping time and know what improvements are needed.

4. Meditation Library 

Content is what helps the users to stay engaged. To increase customer retention, it is important to diversify your content so that people continue to practice new things and try new sessions every time they visit. You can divide meditations into logical groups, so users can easily navigate through the library. 

5. Wearable device integration

There is so much advancement in technology, so it becomes vital to offer applications that support wearable devices such as smartwatch fit bit, etc. Therefore it’s necessary to integrate third-party libraries and plug-ins to extend the support.

6. Payment gateways

It is vital to integrate digital payment methods in the app for giving a seamless experience to the audience.

7. Push notifications

This is the most vital feature that keeps the user engaged without even opening the application. You must use the feature and offer inspirational quotes to the users. 


Advanced Features

1. Live Streaming

The live video streaming feature gives the user additional value and stays ahead of the competitors. Thus considering this feature becomes vital to offer a unique selling proposition.

2. Real-time Analytics

This function allows the app owners to check and analyze the performance in real-time. The behavior of the user is analyzed, and they can decide what improvement do they need and how will they reach their goals. It also gives an idea about where the app can go if there are certain enhancements and modifications.

3. Favorite Playlist

A group of people who like their favorite tracks to be played in the background while they are practicing. Therefore, your app should allow the users to create a playlist and let them add their tracks. As soon as they start their session, they can instantly play them for a relaxed state of mind.

4. Gamification

Every user gets enthusiastic when it comes to competition. While some compete with others, others like competing with themselves. You can run A/B testing on the target audience so find out which gamification method suits perfectly for your business.


Things you should keep in mind while developing your on-demand meditation app?

· Before designing a medication application for the users, it is crucial to choose soothing colors that can relax your mind.

· Do select brighter colors as it does not help to relieve stress and anxiety.

· Try using natural pastel colors so that your customers are focused.

· Light blue, light shades of green, light yellow are the preferable colors one must use.

· Also, avoid using too many design elements at once. With the overloaded pattern, the users get distracted.


Cost to develop a Yoga Mobile App

There are numerous app development companies with a huge experience in developing meditation apps. To get the app developed, one should check the past work, their portfolio, development cost offered the expertise of the development team, and their experience mostly.

Several factors need to be considered to determine and estimate the cost of meditation app development. The important ones are:

· The platform used for all development

· Technology Stack

· App Specifications

· Development Team

· Hourly Development Rates


Winding up!

The meditation app market has seen a huge rise and a perfect feature-rich meditation app captures the attention of users. The applications like Calm and Headspace have set an example in the digital industry. The above-mentioned features are the most crucial ones users need to integrate into their application.

Also, for the app to be successful, it is crucial to pay attention to the design, attributes, color themes, background music, playlists, and much more. It is considered that 2021 is the best year to develop an app that releases the stress of users and allows them to battle anxiety.

All you need is to build a creative and attractive solution. Time to work with the best designers and developers! Are you looking forward to outsourcing development to a location where it will be cost-effective without sacrificing quality?

If you want to create your meditation app, don’t hesitate to contact us. At ToXSL, we specialize in healthcare and wellness applications. Contact us for a detailed estimate!