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Grow your Jewelry Business by Investing in a Mobile App Development

Grow your Jewelry Business by Investing in a Mobile App Development

With the technological advancements round the clock, visibility has become the supreme demand of the customers. Where every industry is leveraging the benefits of technology and apps, the jewelry industry is left no behind. 

Jewelry has been the most crucial asset for every human and has a huge market value. Online jewelry shopping has become commonplace and people choose to place their orders for ornaments online. Delivering everything at the doorstep of the customer has become a new normal. Therefore, to scale the revenue and offer an amazing user experience, businesses are now stepping towards jewelry app development and make their businesses blossom.

Are you too looking for opportunities to make your traditional jewelry business flourish? Well, read the blog and know that how a jewelry app is a perfect solution and makes you stand tall in the crowd.

The Market Trend for the Jewelry Business

With the boost in digital commerce and the customer's paradigm, shifting towards online shopping people prefer buying jewelry online as it offers the most convenient services to the buyers. Here are some of the factors that validate the growth of online jewelry applications.

  • As per research by McKinsey and Company the online jewelry market is expected to double its number from 6% to 12%. 
  • 18% of the jewelry sales are expected to be online by the end of 2025 making it several around $79 billion per year.

Here is the graph that depicts how much the different jewelry brands are searched per year by the users.



How does a Mobile App help your Jewelry Business Grow?

1. Helps to reach more customers

As the audiences prefer to use smartphones and applications for a seamless shopping experience, the mobile applications help to boost up sales by helping customers to reach globally. The more people you reach, the more sales your business will have.

2. Efficient Branding

If your business does not have an app, you probably have to spend a huge amount on promotional activities. However, with mobile app development, you have a different scenario. It is just a one-time investment and the app will share all the promotional offers, discounts, coupons without having to put much effort. 

3. Displays Collection Proficiently

With the app, the retailers get an option to display their entire collection at a single place with the visibility of 24/7. Whenever the collection is updated, the customer is notified. When the customer knows the collection has been updated there are more chances of visits. With a single tap by the user, the businesses can showcase all their products to users in a much-personalized way.

4. Helps Increase Sales

When the app is created with a user-friendly interface, users find it convenient to shop. The app keeps them engaged for a longer time and offers them the latest collection with discounts. When the customer finds your app attractive there are more chances of user retention and ultimately helps to boost up sales. 

5. App Analytics

The app offers analytics that lets you know the customer's interest, their choice, their preferences, how many visits they make, the geographies, and other details about the user. The insight helps the user to make the necessary changes the app requires and takes your business to the next level.


Monetization opportunities offered by Jewelry App 

1. Sales Commission

This is the easiest and preferred way of app monetization. With this monetization method, the app owner earns via the number of articles being sold. The commission to be paid completely depends on the companies and the agreement made. The app owner can receive the payments from the jewelry company as per the particular amount of sales made by the app.

2. In-app Advertisement

This is a trending monetization method that allows app owners to display other products and services on their app via advertisement. This helps other companies to reach more users and the app owner is being paid by these companies for advertising.

3. Membership Profit

The owners can convince their users and customers to buy the premium memberships. The customers pay an extra amount to check out the latest collection and buy the latest pieces instantly creating a win-win situation for both parties.


Tips that offers you a unique Jewelry App

1. Offer Great Design

Your app should offer a unique interface for the users and try to make it intuitive so that the users understand the design instantly. For any landing page, the instructions should be made clear and it should work seamlessly.

2. HD Images

Jewelry is all about HD visuals. No user will buy a product that doesn’t look attractive to the eyes. So ensure to upload high-quality images that your customers would love and buy your products without having to give a second thought.

3. Information Protection

The sale of jewelry requires payments to be made and other financial transactions daily. It is the sole responsibility of the app to protect their payments and card details. 

4. Third-Party Integration

Third-party integrations such as Facebook and Instagram should be offered to the user. This helps the customers to reach your product instantly and there is no need to fill out many forms.


General Features in a Jewellery Shopping App

User Panel Features

  • Easy Login
  • Check Certifications and quality
  • Browse Products
  • Add products to the wishlist
  • Add to cart
  • Manage order
  • Track delivery
  • Review and Ratings
  • Multiple payment methods


Retailer/Admin Panel

  • Signup/Login
  • Category Management
  • Price Management
  • Product Management
  • Manage Listing
  • Manage Discounts and offers
  • Invoice Management
  • Offer support


The Advanced Features your App Must Have 

1. Integrate Social Media Buttons

Social media is a great way that enhances your cross-channel promotion. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the apps to add the social media buttons on the homepage. It could be Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

2. Filter Selection

The user should be able to apply the filters in a precise way so that the buyer can quickly search for the relevant product they are looking for. The filters could be price, product type, material, collection, gemstone, style, and more.

3. Jewelry Customization

The app should offer free customization of the jewelry for all its users. The app should ensure all their demands about the customization are made as per their demand.

4. Try and Buy Jewelry

The app should offer such offers to the users that help to build trust among them. They should be able to order the piece they like, try it and return it if the product doesn’t suit them.

5. Return Policy

When the customers are sure the brand offers an amazing return policy, they would never be hesitant to buy the products. 

6. Free Shipping to users

The app should offer free shipping to the users that mean they don’t have to pay an extra amount for the delivery of the product.

7. Purity Certification

With this feature, the brand assures the user that the product they are selling is genuine and purity certified. The certificate should include all the details of the products.

8. Push Notifications

The app should offer reminders to the users about the sales, discounts about the product they have wish-listed.

9. Multiple Payment Options

The payment options should be flexible so that the customers can choose whatever mode they wish to. Debit/Credit, UPI, PayPal are a few of the popular modes of payment the customers prefer.


Cost to Develop a Jewelry App

The cost of developing a jewelry app depends on the following factors and a few of them are:

1. The business model

 2. The type of Application

 3. The platform the client chooses

 4. Features and Functionalities

Considering all the factors a jewelry shopping mobile app can cost somewhere around $7000. Whereas a fully functional app integrating all the features can cost somewhere around $15000.



Jewelry shopping is a huge investment for the customers and they want to ensure that your platform offers products that are worth their money spent. In the time of the pandemic, every business has turned online and jewelry apps are a blessing!

So, if you ever wanted to develop a jewelry shopping app then it is a perfect time. Ensure you collaborate with the reputed mobile app development company. Feel free to contact ToXSL.


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