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How to Develop a Feature-rich On-demand Tutor Application?

How to Develop a Feature-rich On-demand Tutor Application?

The Mobile app development companies are not only limited to on-demand taxi booking app services, but offer services for various industry domains. One such on-demand application is for tuition services.

The on-demand Tutor App helps the students to connect with the tutors by simply installing the app. This makes the process streamline especially during the pandemic when the children were forced to stay at homes!

The education sector was hit the most by the pandemic as the children couldn’t go to the schools. But right technology offered great opportunities and help during this scenario. Making the situation of the pandemic a huge opportunity, education institutions began to develop applications with the tutor instructing and guiding students through their HD videos.


Transformation of the Learning Trends

As there is an upsurge in the tutoring sector online, teachers are turning to the online platform/medium. Parents now realize the importance of such apps as it makes it much easier to educate their children.

  • With the still ongoing lockdown all the industries, especially education has transformed radically. Teachers find it much easier shifting to the remote platforms to teach students while sitting at their homes.

  • The trend continues to shift as the teachers and students have started using the online medium to impart knowledge to students

  • One of the visible trends is that it offers a personalized learning approach which is the most important component for the education revolution

  • Also, it has been proved that there is increased retention amongst the students with e-learning classes.


The Market size of on-demand Tutor Apps

With the e-learning platform gaining huge visibility, it is no surprise that the market has seen huge growth. Let’ have a look at the few stats:

1. The e-learning market is expected to exceed $375 billion by 2026.

2. As per a report by 2020-2024, the e-learning apps are expected to be around $132.21 billion.

3. More than 85% of teachers use digital learning tools to provide students with learning exercises.

4. In the year 2018 the online tutoring market was valued at $133.20 billion and in 2025 it is expected to reach $369.69 billion.

The stats show the COVID-19 amazing impact on global education.



Here are the Benefits of Using Mobile Applications in Education

1. Offers Enhanced Interaction

As per research, the applications are much engaging for the students while offering a better engagement between the children, teachers, and parents. The app offers an engaging way to interact with the children therefore improves their interaction tendency.

2. Marvelous Learning Techniques

The traditional methods of learning have now turned boring, making the child even sleep in their class. Students show no interest in the monotonous learning routines, which vanishes their curiosity to learn and get engaged.

The application offers games, puzzles, or quizzes, HD videos, and other challenging tasks that keep the students interacted while unleashing a new perspective.

3. Flexible and Convenient

Students and teachers are no more restricted to boundaries, this is what makes it more special. Gathering a team at a place is never an easy task and wastes a lot of time and energy. 

When the e-learning applications came into the picture the task becomes easy and students can join a class virtually without any wastage of time. Both the students and staff are offered flexibility to complete the necessary courses on-time.

4. Improves the retention capacity

As the students are taught via interactive videos, puzzles, and games learning becomes more fun. With these activities, students can keep things in their brains for a longer time. This offers many chances for the children to retain.


Must-have Features in an On-demand Tutor App

Features of Student Panel

1. Quick Registration and Profile Creation

Students should be able to register quickly with the single click sign-up option, and the registration can be completed using the email address or social media accounts. It is also crucial for the students to create their profiles and so that they can find nearby tutors or join a session.

2. Search Tutors

Once the profile is created, students should be able to search their tutor based on the specific requirement. Also, to narrow the search filters can be used that allows them to select the category, experience, expertise of the tutor.

3. Check Review and Other Details

The teacher profile gives detailed information about the experience, expertise of the teacher based on the subject. It also displays the review and rating section so that the children can analyze the reviews and ratings given by other students.

4. Enroll in a Class

When a student books their tutors for a specific course, they should be able to book a demo class to analyze the teaching style and check the learning modules of that particular tutor.

5. Submit Feedback

Once the class is finished, students should be able to add their feedback. This feedback submitted by students helps other students to know about the tutor.


Features of Tutor Panel

1. Create a Profile

It is the same as one available for the students. Setting up a unique profile with subject expertise, experience, etc determines the requests the tutor gets.

2. Accept/Decline Student Requests

The tutor can accept or decline the request of students based on their free time.

3. Modify Booking

With this feature, the tutors can make changes to the bookings of tuition that were booked previously or are active now.

4. Schedule Class

With a scheduled class option, tutors can schedule a class and update the students regarding the same.

5. View Income

With this feature, the tutor can track their weekly or monthly incomes while also keeping a record of all other transactions carried.

6. Contact Students

This feature allows the tutors to have seamless communication with their students.


What all features you want to integrate into your on-demand tutor app? Let’s discuss.


Here is a look at the advanced features

1. Push Notifications

It offers timely alerts to both the tutor and the student. A user gets notified about all the promotional activities, news, activities, offers, and more.

2. Different Payment Methods

Integration of various payment methods such as Debit/Credit card, online banking, Stripe, and PayPal offers secure payments.


How much revenue you can generate with the app?

The on-demand tutor app can generate revenue in three common ways:

1. In-app advertisements

Online advertisement helps generate a large amount of revenue. Collaborating with other companies and placing their ads on the app helps the user to get higher revenue.

2. Subscription

The app charges an amount of fee from each of the students on the subscription. This offers them a great way of learning.

3. Based on commission:

The app removes the student and teacher gap, offering commission each time a registration is done.


Cost of developing On-demand Tutoring App

The cost of developing an on-demand tutoring app depends from place to place and also on the features one wants to integrate into the application.

Take a look at the main factors that is the deciding factor of the app:

1. The platform on which the app is launched is the main factor that decides the cost of the application.

2. The time is taken to develop the application.

3. Features that the client wants to integrate into the application. The basic features generally cost lesser, but on adding more advanced features the cost increases.



On-demand tutor applications are an awesome way to implement this model in the education sector. This indeed proved that mobile applications are boon for the generation and are a valuable investment too. What matters the most is hiring a team of app developers with prior knowledge, expertise and experience of tutor apps. This results in the development of a full-fledged application.

We recommend you first discuss your idea with us, an experienced app development company, and then go forward with the app development.