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Why On-demand Medicine Delivery Apps Considered As The Game-changer In The Market?

Why On-demand Medicine Delivery Apps Considered As The Game-changer In The Market?

Medicines are crucial in every household as everyone would require them at some point. During the hard times, people may face the hassle of waiting in long lines and still not finding the drug they are looking for. There are many other issues related that are unknown such as the price of the medicine, salts, and pharmaceutical usage. But luckily with the pharmacy app development is the savior.

It comes forefront for addressing these issues and regarded as the most promising tool that benefits both customers and the pharmacy owner. The pharmacy and the concept of online medicine are expected to reach $2015.3 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 7.1%. There is more upsurge and the industry will continue to bloom in the coming time. 

Take a look at the graph of the growing online pharmacy global market through the graph.



Online Medicine Delivery- A Relief during the Pandemic

During the pandemic, people realized the importance of turning to online medicine delivery while considering it to be their biggest support system. The pandemic forced people to stay at home making it difficult for the people to go out and shop to buy the essentials.

People were scared to move out of their houses and there was a decline in the stock such as masks and sanitizers. As the demand increased people turned to on-demand medicine delivery applications.


Pharmacy Business Growth in Numbers

The market size for the medicine app market is expected to rise to 11 billion by 2027. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a huge growth in the downloads of these applications. Here are some stats of the industry.

  • As per Zion Market research, the market size is expected to reach USD 107.53 billion by 2025.

  • The health apps downloads are expected to reach USD 111.1 billion by 2025, as per a report from Zion. 

  • By 2026,the global online pharmacy market is predicted to reach about 177.8 billion US dollars.



Benefits of having your Pharmacy Online

1. Save Precious Time

Customers no longer have to move and roam around pharmacies to look for a particular drug. They get an order of the medicine of their choice sitting at the convenience of their home. This saves the precious time of the customer as they get whatever they are looking for with few taps only.

2. Convenience and Privacy

Everyone is not comfortable buying their medicines or drugs in front of other people. But getting an app for the same allows them to buy whatever product they are looking for without feeling any discomfort. It ensures that their privacy is taken care of.

3. Discounts and Offers

The customers get attracted to the application because of the mesmerizing discounts offered by the application. These types of discounts are not possible at the stores. The customers get all their medicines at their doorstep.

4. Consult with an Expert

Here the customer can upload their prescription in the application and get detailed information about the medicine. The app allows easy consultation with the doctor and also knows if there are any side effects related to the app. 

5. Loyalty for Customers

It makes the interaction with customers easy, along with that customers get reminders, loyalty points, and promotional offers for the esteemed customers.


Top Medicine Delivery Mobile Applications in the Market


Practo is one of the most trendy and in-demand medicine delivery apps in India. The app allows the users to book a free appointment, consult the doctor, get a recommendation, get medicine delivered at the doorstep. Find experienced doctors across all specialties with the app, stay updated with good health practices and achieve your goals.

Medplus Mart

 From baby care needs, personal care, health, nutrition, and more Medplus Mart have a comprehensive collection of all the licensed medicines. It has an easy and quick-to-use interface that offers them to shop from the comfort of your home.


 It is one of the most trusted Indian online pharmacies that deliver health-related essentials to more than half a million customers. All the medicines and drugs offered by the store are of high quality, offering therapeutic benefits that prove to reduce medical costs for patients significantly.

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Challenges Faced in Pharmacy Delivery Apps

1. FDA Regulations

The applications have to follow the rules and regulations that are laid down by FDA, further promoting a healthy lifestyle.

2. Data Security

Security for the patients is vital to ensure there is no disclosure of the patient’s health no matter what. As per HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) the online pharmacy application apps must provide security.


Business Model for an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development

1. Medicine Delivery App for Single Store

Customer needs to submit their order by attaching their prescription along. It allows the retailers to check for the availability of products while sending them to the person who ordered one. The user gets their medicines and can make the payment of the medicines only.

2. Aggregator Medicine Delivery App Development

This is a second business model where the app owner partners with local chemist shops and lists their orders. Now, when the user places an order the nearest chemist shop will be checked as the app redirects the product to these local chemists and the local shops deliver the medicines manually to users.

3. Direct to Consumer

 This is the third model that does not involve any middlemen for delivery purposes. The owners can directly reach out to their customers with the app development services.

General Features of Medicine Delivery Apps

For Customers

  1. Sign-up/Login: The user should get easy sign-up/login via the credentials. The app should allow sign-up through their social media accounts like Facebook and Google. They should be able to log in via email/mobile.
  2. Profile Management: The user should be able to make a profile with all the information such as an address, previous order, prescriptions, payments, and more. It offers users a seamless experience.
  3. Upload Prescriptions: The users should be able to upload the prescriptions easily as prescribed by the doctor/pharmacist. They should be able to directly link their mobile phone gallery with their accounts to upload the prescription.
  4. Filters for Category Search: The app should allow users with different filters and categories to search for their medicine as per the disease, salt, or name.
  5. Medicine Details: Each medicine listed should have detailed information that includes its date of manufacturing, expiry, price, salt, and all other essential information.
  6. Search Substitute: The user should be able to search for substitute of the medicine, if one prescribed is not available in the application. 


For Pharmacies

  1. Managing Drug Detail: The store owner should be independently able to make all the necessary changes, even if they want to remove/add medicines from the list. The owner should be able to access all the information regarding their product.
  2. Order Tracking: The pharmacy and owner should be notified with a text/popup message each time a user orders medicine.
  3. Digital Prescription: The app should have a feature that allows the pharmacist to have access to the prescription that the user has uploaded.
  4. Discount Management: The app should offer discounts and offers for their loyal customers to retain them.
  5. Order Management: The pharmacy should be able to arrange orders on time and also look for things such as processing orders, returns made, offer refunds, and more.
  6. Track Payment: The owner should be able to maintain transparency, all payments should come directly in the app and the pharmacist should be able to track them easily.
  7. Filter Reviews and Ratings: It is crucial to check, what the customers think of their services and should be able to review them based on the services.


The Development Cost of On-demand Medicine Delivery App

The cost of development of an application depends on various factors such as:

  • The platform you are working on

  • The team of developers you are working with

  • The features you add to the application

  • The rates you have set for hire

  • The project technical stack


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