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What are the Essential Features of a User-Friendly Ticket Booking Application?

What are the Essential Features of a User-Friendly Ticket Booking Application?

The entertainment industry is the sunrise sector that moves at a significant pace. Media is consumed by larger demographics and is projected to increase at a CAGR of 13.5% from 2019 to 2024. The huge demand has to lead the industry to preview several changes eradicating the conventional methods of standing in long queues and waiting to get the tickets.

The media and entertainment industry is expected to reach the US $25.56 billion by 2021-22 due to the acceleration of digital adoption among users across geographies.

Developing a perfect movie booking app can do wonders for your business and allow you to achieve great heights. What matters is the features, investment, and progress of mobile app development are done in the right way. The app can surely yield great results for your business.

Before moving forward, let’s get to know what exactly a ticket booking app does for you.

A Quick Overview of Ticket Booking Application 

Online movie ticket booking apps allow the users to check out all the shows, buy movie tickets online, check for their auditorium, select seats based on the preferences and eateries if they want to add any. The industry shows a wider scope of future expansion, offering automated tickets for cinemas, and is looking for a step forward.

As modern consumers have a plethora of options with them to select from, if the service provider is not offering the best features along with the UI/UX, your targeted customers would not even think twice about sticking to the application. Let’s spare some time and talk about the popularity of the BookMyShow platform that became “crowd favorite” within a short span.

As the BookMyShow gained popularity becoming India’s leading event and movie booking platform there are many reasons associated with its success. It’s time for young entrepreneurs to understand the concept and features that were integrated into the app. 

It needs a robust and extensive database with a convincing design that leads to the grand success of the application.

Advantages of Online Ticket Booking Application for Users

1. Effortless Ticket Booking

Now there is no rush of moving early to the theatre and buy the tickets. Only it takes a few seconds to book the movie via the application with a single tap. All the user needs to do is, log-in to the app to view the show timings, venue and book tickets with preferred settings. 

2. Various Gateways for Payment

Now the users don’t need to worry about keeping the change they need to pay to stand in the long queue. Simply download the application, search for your favorite show, book the ticket and pay using the preferred method.

3. Certain Range of Options 

Even if all the tickets are sold, the user doesn’t need to get disappointed. They can select from a wide range of other shows to find some other movie and entertainment if there is the availability of seats.

Before understanding the details behind the cost to develop an app like book my show, we will see the list of features that will keep your consumers hooked for a long time on the app.

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A look at the Entire Business Model 

1. Solid Advertising

Whether Youth or Millennials, online ticket booking application is one of the most popular genres, the organic traffic is ok but doesn’t guarantee any ticket booking. Therefore, the businesses must have a solid and compact model of advertising, that must be updated from time to time.

2. Revenue from Event Management

Adding an event and organizing is another way of generating revenue. You can partner with several online/offline events that could be of different genres such as sports, education, and more. Selling tickets on a fixed price basis can help the user to earn a good amount of revenue.

3. Commission via Transaction

For every transaction, a customer does the app owner charge a certain amount of commission. It is one of the most prevalent in the Indian market.

Essential Features of an Online Ticket Booking Application

User Panel 


  • Quick Registration/Login  
    The user can register themselves by simply entering the basic details and securing it with a password. Also, the user can log in via social media credentials.

  • User Location
    Before proceeding to search for movies at your nearby theatres, users need to set the location and language they would prefer as per their convenience.

  • Home Screen
    This page would highlight and list all the current movies and events nearby your location along with the notifications. There are different categories listed through which the user can explore and choose as per their likes and preferences.

  • Booking Screen
    Once the user selects their show, they can tap on the booking icon and select their showtime, venue, and seat preference, and proceed to the payment option.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways
    The integrated payment offers a secure and reliable payment for the ticket. This may include credit/debit card payments, as well as other third-party applications such as PayPal, PayTM, and others if there are any. When there are multiple and easier payment options, there is increased usability.

  • Adding a Review
    It is an essential feature of the app, as it allows users to give feedback about the app in stars or/and comments.

Admin Panel 


  • Log-in
    The admin should only use their credentials to log in to the application (admin section).

  • Dashboard
    The admin dashboard is the key where they could manage all the users, their bookings, status, earning figures, and much more. The admin section is huge and can be further categorized as per the admin requirement. 

  • Management 
    This feature allows the admin to manage and view all their listed events while categorizing them as per the venue, time, or language. The admin can add an event, remove an event, and change time as per the need.

  • Managing Earnings
    This is the most vital feature that allows the admin to manage all their earnings. The earnings can be filtered by day, month, or year. 

Advanced Features It Must Have 

1. Allow Smart Search
The use of technology such as AI offers smart search options that would suggest movies and events as per the previous search of the candidate. It includes several algorithms that can make the decision-making process easier for the users. 

2. Push Notifications
Push notification technology is rapidly evolving from a simple message delivery system to a rich and interactive medium. It allows the users to stay updated with all the latest updates that the app gives.

3. Google Map Integration
With the Google map, the user can know the exact location of the movie theatre as per their choice.

Is Creating An App Like BookMyShow Expensive?

Many factors affect the cost of developing a Movie Ticket booking application. An application like BookMyShow requires a robust database to support the high-end features and other information.

Here are the few factors that affect the cost of the development of an app:

1. Platform 

The development cost for an app varies based on the different platforms: Android costs are relatively higher than the iOS platform because it mainly has more devices to be tested against. However, to reach a more customer base try releasing your application on both platforms.

2. Design

You need to hire experienced developers who can satisfy customers and create an app with an attractive and user-friendly interface while retaining the customers.

3. Features 

For more customized features, you’d need to pay extra. If you have a limited budget, opt only for a few keys and unique features that will make your app stand out from the competition.

4. Developers

A team of experienced developers is vital. Do test their aptitude and skills before hiring them to get a high-quality app. Also, the location and expertise influence the development of the app.

There is no doubt that an online movie ticket booking application can do wonders for your business. The team must carry out thorough research while hiring the developer.

An experienced and dedicated mobile app will help you get everything related to the app development process in order. We help you deliver quality-driven results, understand all your requirements, and helps your target audience cater to your need.

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