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Celebrating 2021 With A Blissful Start And Fresh Memories

Celebrating 2021 With A Blissful Start And Fresh Memories

'For last year's words belong to last year's language

And next year's words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning.'– TS Eliot

Let’s now talk about the new beginnings, new resolutions, memories and a better way to welcome 2021 with a grand party like there is no tomorrow!

Finally, the long-awaited day came, and at the arrival, there were charismatic faces all around. The electrifying and spectacular party began at an exclusive venue. To mark the new beginnings and welcome new talent we were glad to gather and had an opportunity to eat, drink, dance, perform and enjoy in every possible way.

Let’s continue and take a deep insight into all the fun we had together and the memories we created...

1. Began with the Rock and Roll Dance Performances

The dance performance of the eager new interns made everyone speechless. The adorable performers danced their hearts out and left everyone mesmerized. Dance performances are the most impeccable highlights that bring colors to even dull and boring events. We have a pool of talent, and it was impossible to not start tapping your feet with their performance.

After the couple performance came the Bhangra squad, entered the party with full swag and left everyone stunned with their amazing moves.

2. Setting the Ramp on Fire!

We saw several celebrities walking down the ramp! Yes, our models are no less than celebrities. With the smashing smiles and vibrating attires, the boys and girls hit a high note of fashion showcasing their chic and stylish walks and attire.

There were in total three rounds, 2 solo and one in couples. Well, it’s all about confidence, and that reflected in their performances. The audience's eyes were glued to the participants and the viewers were mesmerized by the remarkable ramp walks. There was even a talent round where every participant was asked to perform a specific set of tasks by the judges.

Based on the tasks performed and the ramp walk judges decided to honor Mr. ToXSL and Miss. ToXSL. The prizes were bagged by the fresh talent, and it proved to be a blissful year for them.

3. Welcoming our Newest Batch of Interns and the Cake Cutting Ceremony

Feeling welcomed at a new workplace is the most awesome experience an employee can have. The main objective of the celebration was to make our new Interns feel welcome and acknowledge that they are changing the group dynamic-that shift positively.

The new interns were given the opportunity of cake cutting and this effect of a warm reception is always an energized, enthusiastic, and a devoted employee. The kind of employee who can help their teams in the most critical situations and helps them grow. Instead of making newbies “prove” themselves, trust them to make positive contributions from the beginning.

Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta, the CEO of ToXSL Technologies wished all the members and delivered his speech that said "During the year, we saw our hard work result in the achievement of several important milestones to position, ToXSL for the future". He gave much of the credit for the company's success to the dedicated employees. He also thanked each and every one for their diligent work, passion, and the part that each one has played in the company’s success.

As the organization is continuously growing and expanding horizons, the good news he gave about ToXSL expanding its office space made everyone very happy.

The speech was accompanied by Mrs. Monika Panjeta, the co-founder of the organization. She recognized the efforts and time of each and every employee as  the journey couldn’t have been possible without them.

Although it took almost 15 minutes to get adjusted in the frame for the ToXSL family, finally everyone made it and the group picture, and it was captured.

Of course, dancing requires good music. And there was a DJ in the house that kept everyone entertained. With ice in their drinks, the ToXSL team rocked the dance floor. Songs that make you start swaying in your seat. Songs that make you feel like you've got to hit the floor.

The unlimited snacks, cocktails, dinner, prizes were complete fun. Those smiling faces, happy vibes, cheering of glasses have created a great memory forever and have been captured in the form of golden frames of ToXSL Technologies.