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Learn About the Cost and Features of a Dating App like Tinder

Learn About the Cost and Features of a Dating App like Tinder

Launched in the year 2012, the dating app has become quite popular among the youth and offers the most wanted services. With the unique approach the app was designed to make the process of dating as simple as possible.
In just three months the revenue of Tinder was almost $500 million. As the app is trending among the youth, Whether, it is Tinder or Bumble - it has become a common practice to find a soul partner. Therefore, it is becoming the most crucial reason behind the popularity of dating apps. Tinder has now over 50 million users, approximately every fifth person is using and taking the advantage of these dating applications.

While there are a whopping number of apps found on the Play store, all of them aren’t that popular and satisfy the users. There are many factors and features that need to be kept in mind while you create a dating app. If you are interested in learning how to create an app like Tinder-keep reading the blog. There is a lot of information to grasp!

Tinder’s Unique Proposition

As the applications and technology have impacted all the sectors, dating apps are even not left behind. One of the trendiest examples is Tinder that made the dating process as easy as possible.

More and more people started to felt that it was a good way to interact with people especially for the ones who are introverts. Tinder is a geo-location-based application launched in the year 2012 and within a short span became popular among the youth. The application offered many other elegant features that such as a Swipe, amazing design, and easy user interface. It has an estimated 50 million users with 1.4 billion swipes in a single day.

What do all consumers expect from the dating app?

While developing a dating app, the users are most concerned about their safety and personal information. To build a similar app, it is an appropriate option to consider investing in security checks that allow the users to download the app without even giving it a second thought. Offering a safe user experience offers a great competitive advantage and more downloads as well.

Not only the safety, but a perfect UI/UX design and user experience matter a lot. Let us discuss in details what all features are vital to build an app like Tinder and offer users a seamless experience:

1. Easy Login

The sign-up and login process of the app should be simple. The users should simply enter their email/password or Social media login. This is the easiest and secure way to sign in.

Remember, don’t make it complicated otherwise users would never be interested in using the application.

2. User Profile

The user should be able to add as many photos and an interesting bio for others to get attracted. This includes what they are looking for and their interests. Moreover, these cards look appealing, users like them.

Information is presented in the form of a card and if you wish to make a dating app, pay attention to its design, which ultimately makes it a success.

3. Geolocation

It is believed that the most functionality of a dating app is the Geolocation that allows people to connect based on the geographic location. It specifies a radius so that you are only displayed the users who fall within that radius.

It is a smarter decision to add the function in your application so that the users can quickly meet their partners.

4. Swipe and Matchmaking

Once the user login, the different profiles are displayed, and it entirely depends on the user whether you want to speak or add that person or continue to swipe for a better option. If you swipe right then it says yes, you are interested and if you swipe left, then it is a no. If the person you swiped right, does the same, it’s a match, and you can start to chat. This is one of the core functionality of the Tinder App.

5. Chat/Call

Once a match is found, there is a dialog box that appears where the users can have a personal chat with each other. Also, the call option is available. Make sure that your app has a user-friendly chat interface with simple and easy functionality.

6. Push Notifications

Tinder sends a push notification if you are not using the app. If you are using the app, and you get a match, then it shows the match right on the screen. Otherwise, with push notifications, a user can stay updated with all the latest information.

Paid Features

Here are some of the paid features, that allow users to gain a competitive advantage.

1. Boost Profile

There is a boost function option, that makes the profile more highlighted and visible to other users. For those who want more views, you must give it a try!

2. No Ads in between

Ads in between are the most irritating and annoying, but the paid users have an option to turn the ads off and enjoy a seamless experience.

3. Unlimited Swipes

Where in the free version, users can only swipe a limited number of profiles but in the case of paid packages, the users can make more connections and get unlimited swipes.

How much does it cost to build a dating app?

An app like Tinder is a big project. It demands a strong functionality and architecture.

Even a single version of this platform might be very time-consuming (over 1000 hours). The cost of making an app like this interests everyone who is willing to explore and develop such an app.

Here are the basic features of developing an app:

  • The functionality of the app (it is quite less if you are running an MVP model)

  • The price developers charge

  • The time required to develop the app

  • The features included in the app development|

The steps to develop such an app:

  • Finalizing the UI/UX

  • Development of the app for iPhone, Android, or another platform

  • API

Ready to get your App Developed?

The audience indeed wants to try and get attracted to the latest and new features. In a nutshell, Tinder is a great platform, but it’s vital to consider new features and factors to develop an app making it look like a real dating app.

Therefore, if you are interested to make a dating app, there is no better place than ToXSL, consult one of the top mobile app development companies and build a similar app with us. The cost of this app will be purely dependent upon the features that should present in your app. Contact us for a quote!