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Celebrated The Festival Of The Bonfire, With Great Zeal

Celebrated The Festival Of The Bonfire, With Great Zeal

May the glowing Lohri bonfire burn all your sorrows and bring you to enjoy, happiness and love. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Lohri!

Lohri holds great importance amongst the north Indians as it is one of the most auspicious festivals of Punjabis. ToXSL brings you all the opportunity to celebrate, in a true Punjabi style. Just like all other festivals, we celebrated Lohri with full enthusiasm while dancing to the beats of dhol. We aim to make the occasion special and memorable not only for the new joiners but for everyone. The world is evolving, so are the choices of people. But the good part about ToXSL is we keep our culture alive whatsoever the scenario is.

Well, we can already smell the roasted popcorns, peanuts, reverie that is an integral part of the celebration. It’s not only the festival of food but also about themed decoration and colorful atmosphere. Therefore, all the employees were dressed in Punjabi attire and throughout the celebration giving it a more regional touch.

As the sun was ready to set, take a deep insight, and check out how we celebrated Lohri at ToXSL:

1. We began with the introduction of the new buddies

We extended our warmest welcome to our new buddies. We realize the potential of the candidates and allowed them to showcase their talent, connect with others, and encouraged them to perform their best. We believe that employees always flourish in an environment where they get support, mentorship from their seniors. So, we welcomed all the new joiners and made them feel comfortable in the new working environment.

2. Dance Performances and Singing

After the short and sweet introduction came a fun time. Our talented performers sang Punjabi Folk songs that were based on folklore and, there were Bhangra performances too. Yes, the entire organization participated in the festive spirit wholeheartedly bringing their best foot forward. Not only dance and music, but we have a pool of talent. There was poetry reciting too. Like all other celebrations, ToXSL celebrated Lohri with great zeal!

3. Setting the ramp with fire!

The ramp was set on fire with the pretty ladies and handsome guys. There were around 30 participants with fabulous energy who walked on the ramp. There was so much potential that was even difficult to find in the runaway models.

Based on the ramp walk the best ones were crowned with “Miss Punjaban” and “Mr. Jatt”. This was a proud moment for everyone and added an extra spark to our Lohri celebration.

4. Awards and Recognitions

Last but not the least, the talented ones were recognized by our CEO Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta. The awards were given as a token of appreciation to the employees. Also, he addressed the employees and the fresh talent to work hard and achieve their goals. He concluded it with his blessings!

ToXSLians never leaves an opportunity for celebrations, and here it came to an end. We ended up with warm wishes to all our team and their families to have a lovely year filled with joy, love, happiness, health, and success!