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Extending Our Warmest Welcome To Young and Fresh Talent

Extending Our Warmest Welcome To Young and Fresh Talent

Started with a few employees 8 years ago and now a team of over 220+ employees, as we continue to grow we are hiring the best talent.

While hiring new buddies constantly and polishing their skills with our training programs it gives them a chance to begin a career!

We truly realize the potential of recruiting new talent therefore we had campus hiring which is a hit in the sheer pool of talent. Hence, selected the candidates based on skills, knowledge, and much more.

For the new joiners, the very first day at an organization can either be an uncomfortable situation or an exciting one. It all depends on how you welcome your employees. We believe in making every employee feel comfortable and friendly with the new working culture.

What should be included in the new onboarding? A successful onboarding program includes:

Compliance: It ensures teaching new candidates the basic policies of the organization.

Clarification: The employee should be made aware of their job and other responsibility so that they can fulfill the role correctly.

Culture: It involves guiding through all the norms of the organization.

Connection: It involves building a relationship with the team and colleagues to become a part of the organization.

New hires tend to feel isolated as they go through orientations, new roles, colleagues, and many other mind-numbing processes.

So, ToXSL organized a lunch for the new employees that gave them the opportunity to connect quickly with others. It’s truly amazing to have such young, fresh, and talented people as a part of our organization.

We have always encouraged our employees for various training programmes, awards and recognitions, outings, Team Dinners/Lunch and much more.  We have a well-defined milestone along with the employee journey to create a mesmerizing employee experience. With the plethora of opportunities and programs we stand and support the physical and emotional well-being of our workforce. The new generation of talent and swings have forever changed the shape of the job market.

Employees flourish in an environment where there is complete support for their growth and development, both personally and professionally. The employees at ToXSL are our prized possession, and we ensure to conduct timely training in behavioral skills, subject skills, mentoring engagements, and interactions with leaders and fellows.

We’re pleased you decided to join us, and we hope you’ll come to us for help when you need it. We know we can count on you whenever we need your unique talents.