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Fun Friday Evening, A Round of Happiness For Everyone auf Facebook
2019-12-10 14:15:53
2019-12-10 14:15:53

Fun Friday Evening, A Round of Happiness For Everyone

By | Life at ToXSL |

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Fun Friday Evening, A Round of Happiness For Everyone

The last month of the year, the walking celebrations and the festive sales from the past three months. All this calls for the celebration to begin a fresh journey and count the remaining footsteps to the New Year. 2020 is a month away; so we did some celebrations, welcomed the new people, with the closing of some old resolutions; it was time to get together here at ToXSL and do all of that now.

And so we had a Fun Friday Evening for the second last month of the year welcoming the 20 new passionate entrants into the company. The complete Work Arena came together to have an ultimate celebration; like we do each month. We believe, in order to stay motivated every workplace calls for some investment, to spread happiness and feed the workaholic, hungry employees.

 The happier your employees are at work, the better representative they will be while discussing the company outside, becoming the announcers of a great Work Arena.”

At the end employees are the ones that make this workplace a great service provider. At 18th hour of the day, and, I know that will be too late but we have to work to keep the company going, we all got together to play the game of Snap and Clap in which the employees were selected from different departments for participating in the coming load of games and fun.

Followed by the sweet bully session of the new entrants in the company. Each one of them had to come forward and give their introduction in a fun way. This game of Introduction With Funny Tales really helped keep the mood and the ambiance of the party jolly and alive. And while we were enjoying the fun tale of each newbie, it was time to get together and appreciate the contribution of our employees towards head-hunting and bringing us the best talent that is available out there. 

Refer Friends, Earn Awards is the one  thing that is important for us to keep the employees motivated and passionate for people coming aboard with ToXSL. ToXSL runs a program called Employee Referral. Here our in-house team recommends their qualified friends, relatives or colleagues that can be an excellent source of candidates. For the employee whose recommendation results in a hiring, we give rewards to them. This month our Andriod and iOS team have got benefits from our referral program.

Don't we forget the combined birthday party of the November Born Yodhas of our company. This month we combined the Cake Day with A Funday On FridayWe cut the cake followed it with the refreshment ceremony and all of that was followed with the dance and music session that was for all to enjoy and relax from a till tired day! All employees enjoyed Friday Evening and captured unlimited memories that could never be forgotten. Have a glimpse at the photo gallery of the unforgettable moments of the ToXSL Family.

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