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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Deep Learning

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the subfield of Machine Learning that enables computers to acquire the characteristic that is naturally inculcated in humans i.e., learning through examples. It is a sub-domain of machine learning which is concerned with a set of algorithms related to the structure and function of the brain of the computer system called artificial neural networks. Simply, Deep Learning is that aspect of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence which is concerned with simulating a learning approach generally used by human beings to gain knowledge over a topic such as picking up at examples.

Deep Learning can also be thought of as a way to automate predictive analytics. One of the finest fields where Deep Learning has made remarkable progress is Driverless Car. Deep Learning is the key technology behind driverless cars and it enables them to recognize an obstacle or traffic signal, which makes them differentiate between a pole and a pedestrian. The machine learns to perform classification tasks using images, texts, and voice. Voice control devices too involve a great application of deep learning in them.

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What Makes Deep Learning Amazing?

  • Deep Learning implies the use of a large amount of labeled data.
  • Substantial computing power is required to develop an efficient architecture for deep learning.
  • High-performance GPUs with parallel architecture are used.
  • Training time is reduced from weeks to hours with the use of cloud computing.

How Deep Learning Works?

The algorithms in Deep Learning work in a hierarchical order. A non-linear transformation is applied to the input by each algorithm in the hierarchy and the output is generated as a statistical order created using these transformations. These iterations continue until the required output is achieved. The number of layers for data processing gives rise to the label "Deep".

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Real-World Examples of Deep Learning

  • Automated Vehicles: Deep Learning is used by automotive engineers to detect obstacles in the path of vehicles and to make smart moves giving hype to both safety and efficiency factors.
  • Aerospace and Defense: This technology is used by the astronauts and armed forces to locate areas of the object, safe and unsafe zones through satellites.
  • Medical Research: Deep Learning is being used by cancer researchers to detect cancer cells automatically. This can prove to be a bliss for the medical industry.
  • Electronics: It is being used in various electronics project, for example, smart homes involve the use of deep learning for automated hearing and speech translation.
  • Cloud Services: Deep Learning cloud services help entrepreneurs to adapt volatile business scenarios and facilitate a robust business environment. 

How Deep Learning Services Can Help Your Business?

To establish a vigorous business model you can avail of our efficient Deep Learning services that include gathering and training data, defining data, choosing and training models, and labeling data. We have a team of experienced professionals who have gained remarkable expertise and exposure in the field of deep learning. Our services would assist your firm to recognize complex data and images, understand different languages, overcome operational challenges, and improve the work efficiency of your staff.