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73rd Independence Day Celebrations: Rejoicing In Country's Glory
2019-08-23 19:22:59
2019-08-23 19:22:59

73rd Independence Day Celebrations: Rejoicing In Country's Glory

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73rd Independence Day Celebrations: Rejoicing In Country's Glory

For our country's progress, we aspire to strive. In its glory and success, we take great pride!!!

Our Country - India has come a long way since independence. We have grown and developed in every area be it technology or business. We take immense pride in being a citizen of the country that has traversed a long path of success and nurtured the diversity in its culture and people. Yet our country binds us all together in the string of love. 

As the 73rd independence day of our country was approaching, a wave of patriotism was felt by everyone in the organization. We were thrilled to know on the eve of 13th August that independence day would be celebrated in the office premises on the 14th. We were told to dress in the combination of tricolors to honor our national flag. 

On the 14th morning, the whole office was decorated with balloons, streamers, and flags spreading the essence of India's national flag. Saffron, White, and Green were the colors of the day, adorned by all the employees. Everyone was filled with an enthusiasm to celebrate the grand day. We winded up our work a little early as we were summoned to gather in the activity area. The real fun started from there. Our HR department was all prepared to turn it into a fun-filled and exotic evening. They had planned a number of fun activities for us.

The event started with the introduction of newly joined employees but what spiced it up were the taglines enjoining every line of introduction. The whole room was filled with laughter when our newcomers were introducing themselves along with the famous Bollywood dialogues. We then moved onto our next event that was a balloon game. Everyone had a great time seeing the teams striving hard to win. 

As it is said that the country's future resides in its young generation, we tried to revive the love, honor, determination, and responsibilities towards the nation in our employees. We encouraged our employees to contribute to the country's uplift and growth in all the ways they can. 

Let's take a pledge to harbor the freedom of thoughts, words, actions, and hearts.

Let's remember every sacrifice that made it possible to breathe in the free air.

The evening was taking its course and everyone was swinging along with it. We felt an adrenaline rush while singing songs of patriotism and remembering the heroes of our nation. After rejoicing into our nation's prestige, we moved ahead to witness an enthralling game of musical chairs played by another set of employees. We then had a combined birthday celebration of all the July and August borns. A beautiful cake was cut by all those who recently had their birthdays. We then enjoyed the scrumptious cake.

The evening was turning out to be a fabulous one. Everyone graced the dance floor and danced to the tunes and rhythms of vibrant music. We danced our hearts out with our friends and colleagues. The evening came to an end with scrumptious snacks and sweet distribution to celebrate the ever-growing freedom of our great nation. It marked another memorable event to count in the journey of ToXSL.