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7th Foundation Day Celebration: Reviving the Unforgettable Moments

7th Foundation Day Celebration: Reviving the Unforgettable Moments

7 Years of togetherness, 7 years of happiness, 7 years of making dreams come true, 7 years of sharing, 7 years of trust and 7 beautiful years of excellence!

Any company’s business growth and productivity depend on the hard work of employees. No individual can take credit for all those years of success. Celebrating the 7-year anniversary is a big achievement in itself. It’s a celebration for all those who have accompanied this journey of success. To make the 7-year completion of ToXSL a more memorable and special day, a grand celebration was planned on 29th June 2019.

We all just can't get over that great evening, the hangover is still on our minds. As the ToXSL team is always filled with full energy, excitement, and joy to celebrate moments of victory, we all rocked the dance floor. An evening full of performances, games, melodrama, rhythms, fun, laughter and all the joyous moments, is captured in our memory.

And this was only possible because of the interest and efforts put in by the ToXSLians who started preparing for this grand day weeks ago. The decorations, glittering theme, colorful balloons, lightning, and high beat of music just left our eyes wide open while we all entered the wide hall of the venue.

This day of glory is celebrated every year by ToXSLians and this year added another page to our memory book with lots of fun activities, games, snacks, drinks, and music. We all rocked the dance floor with our outstanding solo dance performances and melodious songs. Dancing on high music beats and the vibrating floor was all we needed to rock the party. Following the festivity, the old and the precious employees who have accompanied ToXSL on its long and victorious journey, shared their past experiences, fun moments and things they learned and loved the most at ToXSL.

Our CEO and Co-Founder addressed us to throw some light on the journey of the last year- achievements, milestones, lessons, future plans and a bunch of memories we gathered in the year 2018. They welcomed us at the event location with great enthusiasm. Our CEO delivered gratitude to all the employees who played an active role in the company's success. He gave an impressive presentation in which he discussed the company's achievement till date and talked about his future plans and more growth opportunities in the coming year.

The Co-Founder accompanied him and shared about how the lucky number 7 has turned out to be the most successful and special year for them. She shared how they started the company with a few members in a small office, challenges they faced while hiring the right candidates and turning their big dreams into reality was not an overnight play. It took a lot of effort and day-night hard work to reach this successful day.

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of every individual team member. So, on this blissful day, how could we forget to appreciate the endless efforts of the ones who worked dedicatedly throughout the year, exhibited outstanding performances and implemented new growth ideas towards the organization's success. Our CEO graced the stage for the prize distribution ceremony and distributed trophies and many cash prizes to the deserving and talented employees who put extra efforts and did a lot of hard work to help the company to reach the marked goals. Awards boost the potential and productivity of employees and also offer them more satisfaction. We believe in motivating our team and never leave a chance to praise the great work done by them. We value everyone's efforts and value their contribution to growth. Offering awards are a small way to be thankful to our employees.

Fitting ourselves in the camera frame, making poses, cheering up and capturing lifelong memories. Matching our feet with the Bollywood beats and rocking the night away. NO worries, no tensions, all rocked carelessly and enjoyed every moment of this special evening.

Capturing a dozen of precious memories with the ToXSL family, taking pictures and wishing more years of success to ToXSL, we are ready to take the company towards next milestone of growth and success in the coming years.

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