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ToXSL Technologies Is Proud To Announce Their 7th Anniversary

ToXSL Technologies Is Proud To Announce Their 7th Anniversary

An Invitation To Attend The Party On

Saturday, June 29, 2019


ToXSL Technologies have successfully completed its 7 years of excellence!

It is a proud moment for the company to announce the achievement of another milestone in the journey of ToXSL. To celebrate its success, the company is organizing an event of annual day celebration on June 29, 2019. The party will mark the beginning of another great year of the company's success with an objective to celebrate the expansion and growth of the company.

What began as a small firm with just 10-12 members has now risen up too high in the business world and among other competitors in the industry with 150+ employees. In all the past years, the company has achieved countless achievements and accomplishments, especially from last year which proved to be exceptionally productive for our company. All this was possible due to the active participation of our excellent team members. Every employee plays a very important role in the development of the company and it is their enthusiasm, support, and dedication that has brought the company to attain such success.

Also, our clients who indirectly supported the company and contributed to the company's success, we are highly grateful to them. It is due to their demands, challenging work, and feedbacks that pushed us to move ahead and to bring improvement in our working strategies. Our success is incomplete without them. We plan to grow our business relationship more and will continue to provide nothing less than the best. We hope to achieve more heights in the near future by building long-lasting relations with our clients.

Through this event, we tend to create an environment for our employees to refresh, get motivated and to represent passion and talent. The company has attained more growth in size and it has recently expanded the office space to accommodate the growing number of employees. The day will be organized to celebrate success and to honor employees by presenting awards under different categories.

The company is entering another great year of success and it's time to celebrate and congratulate to all those who have been the earnest part of ToXSL Technologies and contributed actively in company's success, says Shiv Charan Panjeta, CEO and founder of the company.

It will be our great pleasure to invite our ToXSL family to the part of the event which is going to be held with great enthusiasm. The grand event will represent a lot of modification than last year and there will be a lot of surprises for the ToXSL family. All of us are very excited for the day and are planning to make it happening and memorable in the chapters of ToXSL history.

About ToXSL Technologies

ToXSL Technologies was established in 2012, with an objective to offer services that help other businesses to grow and meet their business need by availing our web and mobile app development services. The company has attained much success in a short time and had successfully delivered mobile and web apps to its clients across the world. Set up in 2012, the company has gained recognition and established its unique identity across the globe by offering the best and reliable development services.