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Gear Up for the 7th-Anniversary Celebration

Gear Up for the 7th-Anniversary Celebration

The most awaiting day for ToXSL Technologies is round the clock. Soon the company will complete its 7 years of establishment. Like every year we will celebrate the grand day in the form of Annual Day Celebration on June 29, 2019. The whole ToXSL team is full of energy and excitement!

We want to execute great plans and themes to the party that will result in raising morale, sense of belonging, fun, a chance to mingle, party, make more friends and lots more. All these lead to greater engagement of the employees and in better productivity. To meet such objectives we all are planning different activities to make the day the most enjoyable and memorable in the history of ToXSL. There is no doubt that all our employees are good at technology, but here we are going to see the other side as well. We all are very excited to showcase our great performances and to set our new identity in the firm.

Here the Party Will Begin!

The event will begin at a beautiful venue in the evening. The venue will be decorated beautifully with balloons, lights, sparkling ribbons. The beautiful girls and handsome boys will add beauty to their attractive attires. The eve will slowly take its form with dance, music, awards distribution, cake cutting and a lot of other fun activities. Girls and boys will show up their grace on the ramp and will make the party more exciting with their thrilling dance.

Also, the annual day is the way to expose the hidden talent of the employees apart from their knowledge. And yes we have planned different dance-like solo dance, group dance, couple dance, paper dance and lots of others. Music and song will not be missed and our talented singer will showcase their talent with different kind of songs, rap, etc. We have many among us who have a talent of making others laugh through their stand-up comedy, mimicry, etc. All these events let the management to know their employees better. We have many more plans that will make the party more exciting and thrilling.

Refreshing our employee with dance and music is part of the party, the foremost objective of organizing such a great event is to reward employees for a year of hard work. The CEO and founder of the company, Shiv Charan Panjeta will share his future plans and present awards under different categories like:

  • Rising Star Award
  • Award of Excellence
  • Key Contribution Award
  • Best Team Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Award of Innovation

Many employees are expecting such honor and we are excited to know the team who will get the reward for their hard work and excellent performance.

To represent the employee and company's success ToXSL family will gather to cut the cake. There will be a special arrangement to enhance our taste buds. A lot of mouth-watering snacks, drinks, cocktails, and food will add extra flavors to the party.

So get ready to rock the dance floor and be the part of this grand celebration! Your participate will encourage us and we would be happy to be the part of the great day.

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