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Yii 2.0.16 Released: Latest Updates You Must Know

Yii 2.0.16 Released: Latest Updates You Must Know

A standout amongst the most preferred frameworks on which customers rely for web development is the Yii framework. It is a PHP framework for the application of all sort of web applications. Its MVC design pattern framework and the enhanced security features make it stand out from the other frameworks. Yii framework, which got established in the year 2008 has effectively acquired an impressive identity in the IT industry in no time.

The key features which compel the customers to choose Yii over other frameworks include- easy installation, advanced technology, reduced development time, extensibility, more security, better performance, and a wide range of exciting themes in it. And as the technology keeps on widening the existing Yii 2.0 has launched a recent update in it. Want to know more about the upgrade? Keep reading!

The latest Upgrade-Yii 2.0.16

Yii 2.0.16, the latest version of Yii framework was recently released on 30 January 2019. It is a minor upgrade to the existing 2.0 version while adding more security and many more features to it. The additional features will affect the existing applications and other operations too and are helpful in fixing more bug, offering better security factors, easy to use, provide quick migrations, and the list will continue if we talk about the 2.0.16 upgrade. Want to know the features in-depth? Keep reading and get a clear idea about it.

Main features

  • Active record: Optimistic locking was already a part of Yii 2.0 version, but it was not user-friendly. Yii 2.0.16 will make optimistic locking easy on the user end. It will enable the multiple clients to access the same records for edits and dodges potential conflicts. On the off chance, if the client tries saving a record upon some staled data, a StaleObjectException exception will be displayed immediately. Thereby, the update will be skipped.
  • Migrations: Console migration generator defaults have been altered in order to carry out migrations with table prefixes. And in case you wish to disable this behavior, you must set yii\console\controllers\MigrateController::useTablePrefix to false with the help of console command mappings.
  • Databases: The Oracle driver will now be supporting resetting sequences, while MYSQL driver will be supporting fractional seconds for time types.
  • Helpers: yii\helpers\Inflector will now be working with UTF-8 and yii\Mutex\FileMutex::$isWindows gets added for Windows file sharing on Unix guest machines.
  • Gridview: $filterOnFocusOut option will enable the users to toggle if filtering is triggered when filter field loses focus.
  • jQuery: An added feature of jQuery 3.3 will be offered for users installation.
  • Mutex: Users will experience additional support for $timeout in yii\mutex\PgsqlMutex::acquire().
  • Security fixes: Namely, two major security issues are fixed in the 2.0.16 upgrade, i.e. CVE-2018-19454: Excess logging of sensitive information in \yii\log\Target and CVE-2018-14578: CSRF token check bypassing in \yii\web\Request::getMethod().
  • Project templates: To make developing quick and easy, a basic Docker configuration is added in the upgrade and even the co-deception configures are cleaned up in both project templates, basic & advanced. And in case you don't want to upgrade your version, no worries because even the old apps will easily work with the older versions of Codeception too.

A quick insight into Yii 3.0

The next big thing which will surprise us in the coming time will be the Yii 3.0 upgrade. It will certainly accompany a wide set of new features, better upgrades, and namely, it will include- new & a better architecture, JavaScript-agnostic, PSR compatibility, and a lot more is to come!

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