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New Year 2019: Witnessing a Joyful New Year Party!!

New Year 2019: Witnessing a Joyful New Year Party!!

Entering the new year, rewinding the achievements, learning lessons from the previous year, and the challenges we faced in 2018! Last year has been the most memorable year accompanying a lot of success and progress with the support and efforts from the ToXSLians at every step. More employees, more achievements, more clients, and more happy customers we gained in the year 2018. It was the perfect time to celebrate the joyous moment and hosting a new year party with the complete ToXSL team.

With the most beautiful time of the year approaching, ToXSL arranged a grand new year party at Cama Hotel. And definitely, this was an evening to remember forever- a lot of fun, laughter, joy, food, drinks and spreading the fragrance of delight. The eye-catching decorations, colorful balloons, sparkling strips, shimmering lights, and music set the mood for the celebration and made the evening more happening for the ToXSLians.

Without wasting any more time, let me recap the entire joyful day!

We began the festive evening by sharing wishes for the coming year and greeting everyone for more success in the year ahead. Carrying a smile on the faces and cheering the new year rhythms spread the echo of the beginning of a beautiful new phase.

Followed by our talented and loving anchors, Aditi Mishra and Tarun Kumar entertained all of us with their full-on laughter dose and humor. The audience seemed to enjoy a lot while they interacted with us.

The dance steps performed by Amit Singh, Chirag Tyagi, and Gunjan Luthra presented a stunning performance on the various Bollywood beats. And of course, tables full of snacks, cocktails, mocktails, hard drinks, all made our tummies full and happy.

Accompanied by warm wishes and a brief speech by our Founders, Shiv Charan Panjeta and Monika Panjeta inspired and motivated all of us towards a fresh beginning of the new year. Learning lessons from the hurdles faced in the last year, overcoming challenges and entering the new year with a zeal of learning and growing for more success and prosperity in the coming year ahead. Presenting a brief recap of all the achievements we attained in the previous year and how 2018 turned out to be one of the most memorable and progressive years!

Next was the moment to appreciate the efforts and hard work put in by the ToXSLians in the year 2018. The award of 'Best Team of 2018' was rewarded to our Pre and Post Sales team(Business Team and Project Coordinators). Despite the numerous challenges and problems along the way, the team gave their 100% efforts and successfully hit the target in 2018.  All the team members of:

Pre Sales(Ankita Thapa, Divya Divakar, Gurvinder Singh, Neha Badran, Shalini Kumari, Shalini Yadav, Sonam Kumari, Hardeep Kumar, Sahil Sharma, Rohit Bhatiya)

Project Coordinators(Shivam Kantore, Anchal Narang, Manjot Kaur, Rupinder Dhanju, Sachin Singh, Shivam Sharma) received the award and shared their thoughts with all of us.

Now it was the time for the most awaited moment- Cake cutting. All were excited and gathered to cut the cake for the new year celebration and cheer up towards a new beginning.

ToXSLians further gathered to get group pictures clicked and make lifetime memories with their co-workers, mentors, and our Directors who stood by our side at all situations. Happy faces, different poses, suited booted, unique attires and high heels captured many unforgettable memories.

The solo dance performance by Ankita Thakur left our eyes wide opened and it was simply a WOW performance.

By now, dinner tables brimming with yummy food and desserts were waiting for us! ToXSLians had the dinner altogether and enjoyed every moment on this festive day.

Once fulfilling our tummies, we all were set to rock the DJ floor and have a blast while entering the new year 2019. Putting on our dancing boots, everyone rushed to the dance floor and rocked!

On the whole, the beginning of the new year was unquestionably a beautiful and memorable one. A day full of happiness, joy, appreciation, and bunch of unlimited memories which could never be forgotten. Cheers to the New Year 2019!!