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Blunders to Avoid When Designing an e-Commerce Website

Blunders to Avoid When Designing an e-Commerce Website

Designing eCommerce websites have turned into a pattern in the business world as organizations know that buyers are leaning toward online shopping. Building a successful eCommerce website is not as simple as simply getting one developed. Buyers are currently more informative and active as they have more options, therefore, which requires everything to be well-planned. There are numerous pitfalls that can decrease sales and profits significantly and should be looked out against. The prominent ones are mentioned below.

Slow Loading

eCommerce websites that make benefits running into several hundred thousand dollars per day are probably going to lose millions in sales in a year if they load slowly.

According to KISSmetrics, a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load is likely to be abandoned by nearly 40% of people trying to access it.

A website that looks awesome is likely going to develop the confidence of buyers as it seems to belong to a legitimate business. It should look great as well as have a design with clearly visible calls to action and gives users a chance to reach wherever they need to rather quickly.

Small Product Thumbnails

An eCommerce website should give, as far as possible, an experience that is as near physically dealing with the item as possible. Extremely small product thumbnails, clearly, do nothing towards that end and should not be resorted to. The pictures should be as large as would be practical to see on a normal PC screen. Ideally, such huge pictures should be accessible on the product page itself. This can contribute fundamentally to the number of items sold through the website.

Lengthy Checkout Process

An eCommerce website should make it as simple and fast as possible for the customers to complete a purchase online. They should be able to complete their orders and give credit card information as quickly as possible and within a couple of steps. Many would leave the website without completing the purchase if there are an excessive number of steps between placing the items in the shopping cart and completing the purchasing process. Pages can likewise be made to seem shorter by utilizing 2-column layouts.

Poor Calls-to-Action

In some cases, the calls-to-action on eCommerce websites do not work as well as they should in light of the fact that these are without implied value. Now and again, these just get lost among a few others and, in this way, get disregarded as opposed to being clicked upon. Uniformly weighted calls to action also meet a similar fate more often than not. A call-to-action that asks excessively in a single transaction, for the most part, gets ignored by prospective clients or customers. A call-to-action should, in this way, be prominent, particular and clearly convey the value to be gained by a prospect by clicking on it.

Not Displaying Recently Viewed Items

In the event that such things are not tracked and displayed at an area effectively unmistakable to clients, you may lose chances to make extra deals. That is on the grounds that clients regularly jump at the chance to peruse through the accumulation of items accessible and to look at a few things previously making the last buy decision. Tracking of the things, in this manner, saves clients from feeling lost in a maze of products. Along these lines, obviously, the significance of tracking such items can barely be underscored enough.

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