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Top Web Development Trends of 2018
2018-01-15 10:24:47
2018-01-15 10:24:47

Top Web Development Trends of 2018

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Top Web Development Trends of 2018

Change is the only constant seems to go perfectly with web development industry. Web-based technologies are not stable and developing at a very fast pace. A web trend popular today may not be that demanding tomorrow as these trends change so fast which are beyond our expectations. Businesses into web development, need to explore tomorrow's web trends and integrate the ones that may apply to them.

It is important for them to move ahead with the latest web trends instead of the trends they already have. In this article, we have tried to dive deep into a few development trends that are expected to hugely impact the web industry in 2018. One needs to know about these trends if you are planning to develop a website or redesign an already existing website.

Chatbots: 2017 was already very deep into chatbots and since there were a number of chatbots out during this year,  2018 expects improved quality of their services.

A study shows that about 85% of customer support will be given without the use of human assistance by 2020.

Including a chatbot in your website ensures customer that they can contact you anytime. The improved quality chatbot makes customers feel as they are interacting with a human.

Progressive Web Applications: The name of PWA was first heard in 2015, and it seems that it will become a major competitor for native mobile apps in 2018. PWA are the websites that feel like mobile applications. These applications have the ability to work offline and take no loading time as most of the information is stored in the cache of the phone that helps to deliver an extraordinary user experience.

Motion UI: Simplicity is trending in the recent years which stands true for web designs as well. Old GIFs and flashing ads are out of fashion and moderately designed websites are being appreciated nowadays. In the meantime, motion UI is becoming popular that allows to add more styles and enable you to differentiate your website from other websites using static UI.

Single Page Websites: Another development trend is in these days is single page website that has all the content onto one long scrollable page. Single page websites are easy to use by the visitors as they do not have the multi-level menu and complex navigation, however, are not suitable for eCommerce and blog posting. The development cost of single page websites is less and hosting is also cheaper.

Blockchain: It is the most efficient method of collective data storage. A lot of information is stored in a huge number of computers instead of a single place. Every single transaction is verified using the complex algorithm where hundreds of computers are included. Also, many of the multinational banks are considering Blockchain to use in their systems to secure their highly confidential data.

These are the top web development trends that can benefit the businesses in 2018 in numerous ways. These trends help businesses to attract new customers as well as maintain good, long-term relations with the existing customers. Reach out to an experienced web development company and use these top trends in your web development strategy to turn your ideas into reality.