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How To Develop A Taxi-Booking App Like Uber

How To Develop A Taxi-Booking App Like Uber

Transportation has always been one of the essential requirements of man for years. People have been making use of different modes of transportation. These days, the most popular of all private transportations is the cab hire. Be it a requirement of transport to the airport or any local or far-off location, people prefer cabs to fulfill their travel needs. The best thing about hiring a taxi is that it allows you to sit back and relax.

Usually, in previous times, users had to go to the Taxi stand to hire them, and this created a lot of hassle. But with the Taxi Booking App Development solutions, they can simply book their cabs with a click on their mobile phones. This allows users to save time and helps you reach your destination conveniently.

As per the market report, by 2024, the online Taxi service market is expected to generate a revenue of US $153.40 billion. The market size is expected to reach US $161.10 billion by the year 2028 at a CAGR of 1.23%. Read the blog, and find out what you need to develop a taxi-booking app like Uber.

Building a Taxi App that helps you succeed in future

Looking at these applications such as Uber, Lyft, and more have already a huge name in the market. Copying the overall style and features would not be able to make your taxi app development successful. So here is a step-by-step guide that would help you in custom taxi booking app development to be a successful one:

1. Unique value proposition

For a strong brand, you need a value proposition, for sure. It helps to make your app more attractive and user-friendly. You must offer hassle-free riding to your users, and pricing should be affordable.

In brief, it is never a smart idea to copy someone’s else value proposition, rather your brand should be popular because of your unique proposition. So, it is vital to offer them a unique value proposition.

2. Find your Niche

Well, there are a lot of niches offered by the Ride booking applications. It can be electric car Taxis, bike-sharing or CNG based or fuel-based, and more. As people are now aware of the ecological issues, therefore they are making conscious choices for a sustainable environment. Take a look at the different niches of ride-sharing applications that have huge popularity:

a. GrabBike

It is an on-demand bike-sharing platform that does not operate in India but is popular in other countries like Thailand. Apart from sharing the ride, users can also send different packages and documents to the drivers.

b. Rapido

Rapido has quite a name in the country. It operates in around 40 cities in India and the Playstore says that the app has around 2 Million users along with 10+ million rides.

c. LimeBike

This is one of the most popular ride-sharing platforms in London. The platform assures the client to take the fastest route and allows them to reach the safest way.

3. Market Analysis

When developing an application, the main focus of the client is global reach, isn’t it? So taking into account the value proposition, global expansion is another option. To ensure you reach more customers, proper market research is a must. It will help you to know about the competition in the market, and how your competitors are doing.

Uber is not available in all countries, so why not come up with another app idea and get yourself the perfect opportunity?

4. Monetization Methods

Earning money is the main motive behind the development of these platforms. Here are a few methods that allow you to earn money with this:

a. Commission from Passenger

The app owner can charge a service commission from the users. It may be around 20% of the total ride fee.

b. Service Fee

App owner can charge their passengers booking rates and an additional service fee.

c. Cancellation fees.

You can charge this to the users as a penalty in case the passenger cancels a ride.

d. Third-party promotions

While promoting third-party products/services, you can receive a promotional fee from the brands.

e. Advertising

For running advertisements in your booking taxi app, you can charge a commission from them.

5. Choose the Latest and Advanced Features

Let us discuss the latest features that the passenger panel, driver, and admin panel must have:

For Passengers

  • Social Login/Sign-up
  • Create and manage profile
  • On-demand taxi booking
  • View the estimated wait time
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Flexible payment options
  • Push Notifications
  • Provide feedback to drivers
  • View rates and cab options
  • View booking history

For Driver

  • Update availability
  • Accept/Deny customer requests
  • Push notifications
  • In-app calls/chats with customers
  • Live map navigation
  • View reviews/ratings
  • Automated fare calculation
  • View trip routes
  • Accept online/offline payments

For Admin

  • View/Manage drivers
  • Manage cab availabilit
  • Manage to schedule
  • View trip routes
  • Manage Prices
  • Manage discounts and offers
  • Track cabs
  • View/Manage reviews and feedback of drivers
  • Reports for revenue and transactions

6. Documentation

Documentation is a must before you start your app development project. It has to be there for every project. This is done during the inception phase. It helps the developers to define in detail the project write use cases and user stories, and define functional and business requirements.

How does the Taxi booking App work?

If you are looking to book a taxi to the airport from your hotel, get online and look for a competitive online on-demand taxi booking company. You will be required to enter your place of pickup and drop, date, and time, and the system will automatically generate a price estimate for you. If you are comfortable with the price, you can click confirm and your taxi booking information will be dispatched to the nearest allocated taxi.

Within a short period, a uniformed taxi driver will be at your doorstep to help you with your luggage and get to your destination on time. Online taxi booking apps have revolutionized the world of transportation. It has now become highly convenient for all to hire cabs without having to go out or call anyone. Aside from cabs, online booking companies also provide the option to hire private cars, vans, buses, MPVs, SUVs, limousines, and all other means of road transportation.

Winding up!

The best thing about online taxi booking apps is that you get the most competitive prices, so you do not need to bargain with anyone or ask for a discount. Conventional taxi businesses are not entertained by customers anymore. Online cab companies have made it possible to book and manage cabs on your phones.

Online taxi booking solutions promise reliable pickup services and also assure the safety and security of the riders. If you are still running a conventional taxi business, then you might are not interested in increasing your business bottom line.

So, if you are looking for a top-tier taxi booking app development company, get in touch with the professionals at ToXSL Technologies. We have a team of expert developers, designers, and testers who have helped numerous businesses worldwide develop on-demand taxi app development solutions and helped them enhance their revenue. Hire our app developers today, and get the best taxi booking solutions as per your business requirements.

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